An Ode to Zin

Younger people (under age 45?) say zinfandel is a dark red wine that’s bold, brash, thickly rich, soft, and sweet-ish; that has slightly Port-y aromas and high alcohol content; and that should be sipped immediately after release by itself. Food is optional. Older people (over age 60?) tell you zinfandel ought to be a medium-weight red wine that’s balanced to go with food and is even better after a couple of years in the bottle. Many younger zin lovers crave bigger wines. Older former zin drinkers are disgusted with what it’s become. (It’s that crowd between 45 and 60 that I can’t figure out!) As wine drinkers become wine lovers, they can take one of two paths while traversing the Zinfandel Highway. One path leads to Port, sweet and high in alcohol. The other leads to claret, which is what zin used to be. Claret, an older term, refers to …

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Dan Berger
Author: Dan Berger

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