The ‘El Cid’ President

I have heard friends and acquaintances opine that President Biden is senile and suffering from dementia and therefore unable to lead.

But I recall the story of El Cid (Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar), the Spanish war hero who led his army to victory even after he was dead. The story goes that his corpse was tied to the saddle of his horse, which galloped in the front of the army. The enemy thought the great El Cid was alive and leading the attack and fled!

Similarly, Biden may be propped up with meds (?) and may only be a mouthpiece for his Leftist masters. But he is doing someone’s bidding, and we can only wonder who is really calling the plays. Senile and demented or not, he is getting his agenda pushed through while the Republican opposition appears effectively neutered.

From the gigantic spending bills to the attack on the filibuster, to the possible gun controls, to the packing of the Supreme Court—it’s all getting done. And by an empty suit!

Where is an effective opposition when we need it?

God save the United States.


Barry S. Mascarenhas


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