Border Immoral Choices

From the information from the representatives who have actually gone down to our southern border, I conclude that we no longer have a border crisis. We have a moral crisis in this administration.

It is immoral for people who have sworn to uphold the laws of this country to allow illegal actions at our southern border. It is immoral to allow millions to come up to cross the border when such an action gives hundreds of billions of dollars each month to the drug cartels, allows criminals to come into our country, and allows those who plot us harm to freely cross hidden within the mobs. It is immoral to invite these people to come to cross the border when they are in very serious danger of rape, theft of all they own, sexual abuse, slavery, and death. It is immoral to have children herded together where child abuse can happen right in front of overburdened agents. It is immoral to pull our border agents from stopping people who want to attack our nation to try to care for mobs of illegals. It is immoral for the Dems to allow in many more billions of dollars worth of drugs, especially those from China that has the danger of death with their promise of escape from reality. It is immoral to give the drug cartels the free reign to capture children into their death trade and hold them within their grasp until they are arrested or killed in the drug trade. The choices that Biden, Harris, Pelosi, etc. have made are clearly immoral!

In the 1770s, our morally minded founding mothers and fathers decided that they could no longer allow the immoral choices of the king of England to have a hold on the colonies. With the range of immoral behaviors on our southern border, is it now time for morally minded citizens of the USA to make choices to no longer cooperate with the immoral choices of this completely Dem-controlled administration?

Rev. Michael T. Buttner


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