Remembering What Is Important: It Is All But Hay

As human beings living in this world, we are often bombarded with materialistic desires that may fuel our sufferings. We can be led to believe that our lives would be better if we only had more—more money, more affection, more education, more beauty, and so on. Pursuing more, however, often leads to more hardship. For me, Hieronymous Bosch’s painting “The Hay Wagon” reminds us that we increase our sufferings when we pursue materialism and ignore the divine. In the late 15th and early 16th centuries, Bosch was a member of and painter for the secret society “Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Blessed Lady.” Many of Bosch’s known paintings were made for the Brotherhood and may reveal an eccentric way of depicting religious subject matter. According to the Prado Museum website, “The painting offers an [example] of a different type to the ones commonly used at the time, in the sense that …

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Eric Bess
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