Ariz. Sheriff: Biden border wall halt incited more violence, cartels act more aggressive against Biden administration

NOGALES, AZ - JUNE 01: A Border Patrol agent patrols the border June 1, 2010 in Nogales, Arizona. During the 2009 fiscal year 540,865 undocumented immigrants were apprehended entering the United States illegally along the Mexican border, 241,000 of those were captured along this 262 mile stretch of the border known as the Tucson Sector. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A Border Patrol agent patrols the border in Nogales, Arizona. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

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UPDATED 3:35 PM PT – Sunday, March 21, 2021

An Arizona sheriff shed light on how Joe Biden’s halting of the border wall construction has only incited more violence at the U.S.’s southern border. Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels said Biden’s latest orders “only serve one purpose: To open up our country for public safety disasters.”

Dannels added, Cochise County has 83 miles of land bordering Mexico and they deal strictly with cartel trafficking. He also noted the Sinaloa cartel has control over all human and drug smuggling into the U.S. and the situation is growing violent.

“This is a crisis all along the southwest border and it is all built around a hasty decision, a hasty executive order,” Dannels stated. “And lack of collaboration between local, state and the federal [government].”

Dannels also said the roads created for transportation to construct the wall were now being used by cartel members for smuggling efforts.

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  1. And this just underscores what we knew all along – that the aliens expect and are determined to get through. Biden just made Border Patrol’s and America’s job harder, that fool..

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