Obama-era AG urges Democrats to pack Supreme Court, accuses U.S. judicial system of ‘conservative bias’

File – Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is pictured. (Molly Riley / AP Photo)

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UPDATED 11:51 AM PT – Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Former Attorney General Eric Holder has urged Democrats to pack the Supreme Court to seize full control of U.S. politics.

While speaking at the Brookings Institute on Monday, the Obama-era official claimed the high court is not liberal enough and said it may block Democrat policies from moving forward.

Holder went on to accuse the Supreme Court of being hostile to the ideals of the Democrat Party due to a conservative majority on its bench. The former attorney general is known for weaponizing the IRS against conservative groups and for his role in the failed Operation Fast and Furious.

Holder now appears to be calling on Democrats to establish a one-party rule in the U.S.

“Except for a limited period of time and a limited number of cases, the Supreme Court has tended to defend status quo sometimes in a way that is inimical to our founding ideals,” he stated. “As we enter the beginning of the Biden administration, I think we should be frank about where we are now: Democrats and progressives must use the power that they now have.”

Holder also criticized America’s judiciary system for upholding the U.S. Constitution, stating courts must take a more progressive stance on key political issues.

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