Several peaceful Second Amendment protests held over MLK weekend

Armed protesters, who identified themselves as Liberty Boys, pose for fellow demonstrators’ pictures outside the Oregon State Capitol on Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021, in Salem, Ore. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

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UPDATED 9:15 AM PT – Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Pro-gun protesters are finding ways to demonstrate peacefully amid a heavy law enforcement presence across the country. Over the Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, rallies were held at several state capitols, including in Michigan, Texas and Virginia.

“We are rich and poor. Politically, we come from all walks of life on the spectrum. Some are conservative. Some are progressive. Some are liberals. Some are libertarian. Some are ant-cap. You name it. We are not one particular thing.” — William Durant, demonstrator 

On Monday, dozens of residents in Richmond, Virginia took part in their annual Lobby Day protests challenging state gun control laws. Demonstrators gathered to protest a Richmond city ordinance passed last year, which prohibits residents from carrying weapons at events that require permits.

“‘Lobby Day has traditionally been the time for citizens of Virginia to come and express their concerns to politicians, it’s been a chance to make your voice heard,” said Mike Dunn, member of Boogaloo Boys Movement. “And with recent unconstitutional gun ordinances banning ‘open carry’ at any events or protests that should be permitted, we’re going to come and defy it.”

Armed second amendment supporters a carry mock up of Gov. Ralph Northam on 9th Street near Capitol Square on Monday Jan. 18, 2021, in Richmond, Va. Gov. Northam’s administration supported an assault weapons ban bill that failed to pass during the 2020 Legislative term. (AP Photo/John C. Clark)

Additionally, dozens of protesters took to the streets of Austin, Texas and Lansing, Michigan. Many participants advocated for individual rights, the Second Amendment and called on protesters to express their views peacefully.

“We are here to be peaceful, we are here to support the Second Amendment of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, the principles of 98,” said demonstrator Ben Hawk. “If you want to get violent, if you want to be a rabble-rouser, then we are here to make sure that you don’t get nowhere with that.”

Federal and state officials nationwide are working to secure their state capitols in hopes of squashing possible attempts of violence ahead of Inauguration Day.

Washington, D.C. is expected to deploy more than 25,000 troops to ensure our nation’s capitol is safe for the peaceful transfer of power.

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