Cuban-Americans reflect on President Trump’s legacy

President Donald Trump arrives for a Latinos for Trump Coalition roundtable in Phoenix, Arizona, Sept. 14, 2020. (AP Photo / Andrew Harnik)

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UPDATED 10:20 AM PT – Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Cuban-American supporters of President Trump are reflecting on his legacy as his time in the White House comes to an end.

For instance, Latinos for Trump co-founder Denise Galvez said the President’s fight to fill the courts with conservative judges and justices stands out as one of his biggest accomplishments.

“That’s how we ensure that our laws are enforced correctly and that our Constitution is upheld,” he stated.

President Trump also gained support over the past four years by pledging to fight socialism. Galvez said the President’s status as a self-described “political outsider” is precisely what drew many voters in. During the 2020 election, 56 percent of Cubans went red.

“I think that what he did is he got a lot more people engaged in politics because he kind of came up as this plain spoken businessman who just seemed to have the right intentions,” Galvez expalined. “And seemed to be able to call people out…you know, the career politicians and the bureaucrats.”

The President’s 2017 tax cuts have also been praised by people in the Latino community for helping small businesses thrive, which led to record low unemployment prior to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Cuban-American Trump supporter Angela Vazquez thinks the President’s legacy will depend on “who writes the book” and worries mainstream media will darken the narrative.

“History is usually written by the winners, so hopefully in the long run it will be known that he was a great president,” she stated. “But in the short run, turn on the ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, the Alphabet Soup and hear the lies that they’re going to tell us.”

Vazquez added, “it’s up to us to educate the next generation on what really happened.”

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