Trump campaign announces legal battles in key swing states

President Donald Trump looks on during a rally. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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UPDATED 8:40 AM PT – Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Trump campaign has launched legal battles in multiple key swing states.

On Wednesday, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, Eric Trump, and senior Trump campaign adviser Lara Trump spoke in Philadelphia and accused Democrats of fraud in the counting of local mail-in ballots.

They stated poll-watchers were prevented from observing ballots being counted. Eric Trump said Democrat attempts to rig the election have been observed throughout the process so this latest one comes as no surprise.

“The Democrats know that the only way that they can win this election is to cheat in Pennsylvania,” the President’s son noted. “There is video after video of them passing out collateral material in polling sites all over Philadelphia…They’re trying to cheat,” noted the President’s son.

This came as the campaign filed lawsuits in Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia amid evidence of fraud in those states as well.

President Trump’s personal attorney stated the Trump campaign won’t stop until they expose the corruption of the Democrat party.

“This is a concerted effort of the crooks that run the Democrat party,” Giuliani said. “100 years of one party rule leads to corruption of all kinds. Voter fraud is one of the biggest because that’s how you keep your power.”

He then pointed to a sudden increase of ballots that appeared in Pennsylvania overnight and said he’s suspicious of where they came from.

“Well, we have no idea if they really are ballots,” Giuliani added. “We have no idea if they’re signed… if it isn’t just the same person who submitted 100,000 ballots and they all got counted. This is the way they intend to win.”

The former New York City mayor has also claimed Democrats don’t care about the American people, which is the whole reason President Trump ran for office.

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