Pa. police injured after protesters gather outside Philadelphia police precinct

Police create a barrier in front of a damaged vehicle during widespread unrest. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

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UPDATED 1:28 PM PT – Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Philadelphia, Pa. has been the latest city to see violent demonstrations following a fatal officer-involved shooting of a man armed with a knife in the city’s west side. On Monday afternoon, the incident was captured on cell phone video.

According to police, 27-year old Walter Wallace Junior disregarded multiple warnings to drop his weapon.

“Immediately they noticed that he had a knife in his possession and he was brandishing it and waving it erratically,” Sergeant Eric Gripp of the Philadelphia Police Department stated. “Officers ordered him several times to drop the weapon. Unfortunately, he did not do so.”

The two police officers then fired several shots at Wallace. Gripp added that upon being struck, the male immediately dropped the knife and was scooped up by one of the discharging officers, who then took him into his police car and drove him to the nearby Presbyterian Hospital. Unfortunately, the male later succumbed to his injuries.

Following the victim’s death, crowds took to the streets while demonstrations outside the police precinct quickly turned violent.

Protestors showed active aggression toward police by throwing bricks and other projectiles at them. One officer, a 56-year-old female sergeant, was reportedly hit by a black pick-up truck. Additionally, a police car was destroyed as protesters vandalized and looted in the area. At least 35 people were arrested including five juveniles.

This incident has followed months of nationwide unrest amid ‘Black Lives Matter’ and Antifa demonstrations in several cities across the country. In the meantime, the names of the injured officers have not yet been released but the mayor has promised a full investigation.


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