President Trump shares report of 20K suspicious mail-in ballots cast in Detroit primary

FILE – In this July 29, 2020, file photo, mail in ballot envelopes including an I Voted sticker are prepared in Minneapolis. (Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune via AP, File)

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UPDATED 9:58 AM PT – Tuesday, August 25, 2020

President Trump recently highlighted reports of alleged fraudulent mail-in ballots found in Detroit. He took to Twitter on Monday to share a report, which noted that at least 20,000 unverified absentee ballots were counted in a recent primary election in the Michigan city.

That’s according to pollster Bob Cushman who said the count of absentee ballots in Detroit was chaotic. He stated that suspicious absentee ballots were delivered in a car with Ohio license plates and it’s unclear where those ballots came from or who filled them in. He also noted that this injection of ballots should make the votes illegitimate.

“If this became a concern, and I certainly think it should be…that they go back to all the computer records because every ballot was scanned and identify the number of ballots that was processed before 2 a.m. and the number of ballots processed after 2 a.m.,” said Cushman. “And it’s my opinion, based on what I see, that none of the ballots processed after 2 a.m. should count at all.”

The pollster noted other grave irregularities with mail-in ballots in that election as well. His report went on to confirm President Trump’s warnings of rampant voter fraud with mail-in ballots.

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