Nation faces severe weather conditions, including storms & heat waves

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UPDATED 7:34 AM PT — Monday, May 25, 2020

Extreme weather conditions struck the nation and affected millions of Americans.

Over the weekend, two people in North Carolina died after 60 mile-per-hour winds swept through the state’s capital. Both men were killed by fallen trees that were uprooted due to high winds.

The Midwest faced thunderstorm warnings from Illinois to Iowa. Multiple Chicago area counties saw up to two inches of rain in just an hour, which caused flash flooding and power outages.

Meanwhile, Texas encountered grapefruit-sized hail damaging buildings and cars in the northern part of the state. The hailstorm affected at least 50 businesses, but no injuries or deaths were reported.

On the contrary, the nation’s southwestern region is set to heat up in the coming days with some cities under “excessive” heat watches. Desert region temperatures are even expected to top the triple digits.

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