Integrally-Suppressed B&T APC9-SD Carbine Adopted by Westchester NYPD

The Westchester New York Police Department recently purchased 14 units of integrally-suppressed 9mm carbines from Brügger & Thomet USA. Designated as the APC9-SD, these carbines have a number of unique features: they’re built from the ground up to be suppressed, with a suppressor that seems to be borrowed from B&T’s licensed MP5-SD and it can accommodate Glock magazines. Other features of this carbine are its 146mm (5.74-inch) barrel length, quad-railed forend, full-length top rail and folding stock. The suppressor provides a discharge report that clocks in at less than 130 Decibels.

Westchester NY Police Department recently purchased 14 units of the APC9-SD carbine from Brügger & Thomet USA (

Magazines for the carbine are available at capacities of 15, 20, 25 and 30 rounds. Weighing in at a mere 3.1kg (6.8 lbs), the carbine’s overall length is only 30.3 inches with the stock deployed. It’s unknown as of this writing as to whether these carbines will be issued to Westchester PD’s SWAT team, or to its regular servicemen as a patrol carbine. Another item of note is that the purchased carbines are described to have Glock-pattern lower receivers, enabling the department to use Glock magazines already in their inventory, instead of buying B&T’s translucent magazines.

B&T USA’s press release on the contract awarding is as follows:

Tampa, FL – Quick turnaround and unique capabilities gave B&T USA the advantage in landing the recent RFQ to supply the Westchester NY Police Department with rapid deployment, 9mm carbines. B&T USA’s LE Division won the contract with the integrally-suppressed APC9-SD Carbine equipped with Glock lower receivers. Compact, lightweight and reliable, the APC9 carbines have been proven with countless European Law Enforcement agencies. The integrally- suppressed APC9-SD models being supplied to the Westchester PD allow the Department to use their existing Glock magazines without the need to purchase any additional. B&T USA was awarded the contract by being able to deliver the 14 weapons within the specified 60-day requirement.

At present, the APC9 and SD variants are employed by other LE agencies such as the Austrian national SWAT team, and its specs are listed as:

System: Closed bolt blowback

Operation: Semi/Full auto

Caliber: 9 x 19 mm

Barrel length: Cold Hammer Forged 5.74 in. (146 mm)

Barrel twist: 1:10 RH

Sound suppression: B&T MP5/APC9 SD sound suppressor

Sights: Integral flush-profile flip-up

Charging handle: Right/Left interchangeable

Handling: Ambidextrous safety selector, magazine release and bolt hold open

Pistol grip feature: Integral storage

Buttcap feature: Dual-feature B&T folding stock adapter/AR buffer tube adapter with QD swivel sling loop

Included: One 30 round magazine, sling, cleaning kit, manual, hard case

While the B&T APC9-SD was first introduced in 2016, it was only offered early this year to the US civilian market with a price tag of $2400. B&T USA also made a bid to supply the US Army with their new subcompact weapon to replace the aging H&K MP5k, but it’s unknown if B&T USA likewise offered this weapon for the US Army’s evaluation.

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