Grassley and Republicans give Dems the Jeff Flake Fakeout, Dianne Feinstein is suddenly the one feeling victimized

Grassley Feinstein

Quick summary for those that missed what just happened in the Judiciary Committee. No need to be angry at Republicans … in fact, I just watched the most amazing team assist score that I have ever seen.  I know it was very subtle, and a lot of people missed it, so here is the playback of what happened in the 11th inning.

After all of the dog and pony show, it came down to Jeff Flake. He was going to be the holdout. There were 21 Senators on the committee, with flakey Jeff Flake hanging out like his buddy John McCain, was set to be the lone turncoat for the Republicans. Flake met and discussed with the Democrats what would make them feel comfortable, and they agreed that a 1 week FBI investigation would make them feel comfortable.

Chuck Grassley said to Jeff Flake, since you are the deciding vote, we will hear from you Senator Flake. Jeff Flake said, I think it is reasonable to have a limited scope FBI investigation for 1 week, and I will vote yes on Committee, provided there is an understanding that I and the democrats would like to see an investigation.

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Chuck Grassley immediately called a vote. They went around the room, and every republican voted Yes for Kavanagh to move to the floor, including Jeff Flake, and every single democrat voted ‘no’.  Grassley wasted no time declaring the vote over, while Dianne Feinstein was still stuttering … she even then asked him on open mic, there needs to be some further clarification on the Amendment. ( meaning the agreement for an FBI investigation. ), to which Grassley responded, there is no Amendment, there was no “Motion”. The vote is over. You have a Gentleman’s and Ladies agreement with Senator Flake… at which point all of the Republican Senators agreed that they did not have the authority do force an FBI investigation, and that it was up to Mitch McConnell now, and they would have to petition the White House for there to be an investigation.

The candidate Kavanaugh moved through committee. Voted on by Committee legally in accordance with all proper procedure. Feinstein is STILL stuttering… they got NOTHING. I commend Senator Grassley. Much as the DNC uses Chuck Schumer to do all the dirty work for the Democrats, because he cannot lose his seat in Liberal NY … well … the Republicans just used Senator Flake to double cross the Democrats and Dianne Feinstein … oh .. yeah … and in case anyone doesn’t remember. Jeff Flake was not running for re-election, making him the perfect pawn for this.

I feel like a dirty voyeur, because I have never enjoyed watching someone get screwed, more.

FBI is Executive Branch. Congress makes the laws, Executive Branch enforces them Congress has no authority of an FBI investigation…

What a quandary. Say what you want, but that was a job well done.

Stay tuned for the next chapter… we gave up nothing. Kudos to Senator Grassley. Well played Senator, Well Played.

Mark Wolf
Author: Mark Wolf

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