Deep State Deeply Unhappy About Peace in Korea …. what else are they unhappy about?

North Korea was a pawn in the Deep State arsenal. It was a problem they never actually WANTED solved. Just like Cancer is a disease they do not WANT cured.

Whole industries were built around a conflict in Korea. It is a billion dollar industry, perpetuated by lobbyists in a military industrial complex, that through their influence can magically make money appear from thin air into their pockets … by simply making sure YOU pay a few more tax cents out of each dollar …… at yours ….. and your families expense.

Guess what ?? YOU were just liberated. Not North Korea … YOU were set free by this accord. YOU who have been enslaved to continue to pay for a perpetual farce.

AMERICA has been freed from the grip of people that don’t have AMERICA’s best interest at heart … they have their own best interests at heart.

YOUR Government has been taken over by members of organized crime, who have figured out how to squeeze you to your last limits. And oh, how brilliant they are … because now you need 2 incomes to survive… and Obamacare made it easier for employers to cut you down to 30 hours a week and not have to pay for health care …. so YOU have to work even harder for it…. they are so clever at shifting the cost and the burden off to YOU. and if YOU don’t get health insurance .. they get to charge you a penalty.

It’s smoke and mirrors …. they meet … they pass a budget … they piss the money away, paying $60,000 for a throw rug from Uncle Louie split the money with Louie … only now they have been doing it for so long EVERYONE is on the take.

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So they do things like Pass Unconstitutional Health Care Bills, Rain Tax, Red Light Camera’s and Plastic Bag Taxes to make a bigger slush fund for more graph and corruption to keep them in power …..

And YOU and your SPOUSE are working full time jobs to pay for THEM to waste your money … and YOU are so busy working to put food on the table, that you don’t realize that YOU …. are paying for THEM NOT to work, but to sit around all day long and figure out ways for them to continue not to work, at your expense, and sprinkle holy water on it and call it “Legal” because THEY wrote it down on a piece of paper … and signed it …. and said it WAS legal.

BILLIONs of Dollars in Cash sent to Iran, Pallets of Cash went to Iraq during the war … they are sucking it out of YOU, the American people as fast as they possibly can. It’s not a “leak” anymore, it is a full out “blood letting.”

John McCain, Hillary, Lindsey Graham, Obama, John Kerry …. they all cut secret deals to funnel Arms to the middle east and an embassy in Libya was used as a base of operations for it.

Fools… so busy running, you don’t even realize it’s on an exercise wheel. You COULD get off the wheel …. and spend time with your kids, your grandkids, and appreciate the Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. THIS is what Life is all about. THIS is what makes Joy, Peace, and Prosperity … and they are SUCKING the life right out of you … and it makes you miserable to work the grind. Day in and day out….. but not quite miserable enough to do anything about it … it’s getting close though.

The protests around the world have been astounding in the last 2 years. The total control and manipulation of your time, efforts and energies is almost complete on a global scale.

Who can stop them? NO ONE. There is only 1 last place on planet earth where more power resides with The People, and not The Machine. But The People are being tricked out of it right now. The whole intent and purpose of why The Constitution was written was to make sure that last place was safe.

YOU are being tricked into believing you live in a Democracy,… you Do Not. You life in a Constitution Republic, which had safeguards in it to make sure you could NOT be so easily tricked into giving away your power.

But NOW under the face of Democracy, you are being Tricked to believe that The Power of The People rests in The Vote. It DOES NOT. As sheep, you put a blue or a red card in the slot … count up the number of cards and believe that chooses whether we go left or right. It is merely a Placebo. A fake Thermostat that you turn up when you feel cold, believing you are turning up the heat … when building maintenance is controlling the whole thing from their laptop.

But heck …. we’re catching on !!! It’s about time, slackers. Soon All the People will realize… and when they go to the ballot box … and are given a choice of left or right ….are going to vote for reverse instead. And what’s going to happen ??? The jig will be up … it almost is now … and when you realize you cannot shift the car into reverse…. they will put the pedal to the medal and proceed ahead at full speed … because they can’t hide it from you anymore, and there is nothing you can do to stop them …. yet ….

But as the car now ROCKETS down the highway in the wrong direction … and The People realize The Vote was a lie and an illusion perpetrated on them to keep them grazing … they will come to REAL life conclusions. Shouting Left or Right is not working … someone else is driving, and they are not even PRETENDING to listen any more. … not even PRETENDING … to listen. You see that now. It’s right out there in the open.

You will start to catch on …. you can not simply SAY left or right. YOU must be able to enforce LEFT or RIGHT ….. or REVERSE .. When Rogue Nations attack their neighbors, violating international law … we go to war with them to make them stop.

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THIS is NATURAL law. The FINAL stop. In Natural law, if you attack me, and I ask you to stop …. and you continue to attack me… and I punch you and throw you to the ground …. and you CONTINUE to get up and come at me OVER and OVER … soon it will become a matter of survival. THIS is NATURAL law.

You are about to figure out that now matter how you vote … they are going to continue to come at you over and over. And you will realize the The Power of The People is not in The Vote. It is in the ability to say NO MEANS NO. Right Ladies?

Look, if you say no, but they continue to rape you … That Freedom to say No doesn’t really mean anything, does it ? And if you file an assault complaint, afterwards …. but the system does nothing, because it is being run by the people raping you….. what good is the right to say no? Does The Power rest with The People … or the Abusers?

How is that working out for Tommy Robinson right now ?

We’re lazy, and have neglected our duty. In our laziness … we entrusted the very people that we wrote the Constitution to protect us against. And we blindly gave them the power to enforce it all.

When a bank robbery is taking place …. and the police show up, and the robbers run out with the cash in their hands … and the police yell “down on the ground.” but the robbers just thumb their nose at them and walk away with the money? Do the police just keep jumping up and down in place and yelling “Get Down On The Ground!!” until the robbers drive away, buy plane tickets and spend the rest of their lives on a beach in Antigua ? No … that’s not what happens … because we have given the power to the police to back up saying “Get down on the Ground.” … with force.

Now … we the people are starting to figure out we are being robbed… and when we shout “Get Down on the Ground.” and nothing happens …. are we going to just do nothing as they exempt themselves from insider trading laws, racketeering laws, National Healthcare laws. When they continue to award Uncle Louie contracts for $60,000 throw rugs… and we continue to shout stop, so they then use our money … to buy the News agencies … to convince us that we are a democracy … and that the rest of the country says it’s OK to sell throw rugs to Uncle Louie for $60,000 each. Now we think … “Oh, it must be just ME that thinks this is stupid.” and we go back to sleep.

Now someone comes along …. and puts you and me in a room together …. along with 30,000 other people …. and with no help …. or encouragement …. the crowd starts spontaneously chanting … NO MORE MONEY FOR RUGS!!! NO MORE MONEY FOR RUGS!! …. and you realize …”Shit … it wasn’t just me after all…” and then …. a guy steps up to the microphone and says …. “yes, that’s right. We’re not going to Pay Mitch McConnells uncle Louie $60,000 for carpets anymore.” … and you say “YES YES YES!!!!” … and then, Uncle Louies Carpet store donates $10,000,000 to the oppositions campaign … ( Just a refresher here …. who’s money was the $10 mil that was paid to the other guy, who promises to CONTINUE paying Uncle Louis for $60,000 throw rugs? Yes… that was YOUR money… they paid … to convince you to let them continue to take YOUR money )

NOW we’re getting pissed off. We don’t vote left OR right … we vote for the guy that says we’re not going to pay Uncle Louie any more. And by some complete bungling of their own Criminal Empire …. somehow … the guy that said we weren’t going to pay Uncle Louie anymore gets elected …. AND … he stops paying Uncle Louie.

NOW holy hell breaks loose. After all… Uncle Louis donated $10,000,000 of YOUR money to make sure that didn’t happen. But he doesn’t see it as YOUR money … he sees it as HIS money. And Uncle Louie sends Cousin Vinnie to John McCains house to have a little talk with him…. during which, John ( or Harry ) slips on his exercise equipment and has a terrible accident leaving him with a black eye.

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Now … John McCain needs to figure out what to do about this problem. Uncle Louie needs that $60,000 carpet Contract…. so he tells everyone he is against the $60,000 carpets… and when his party finally puts forth a bill to cancel the carpet contract … HE changes his vote and decides to KEEP the Carpet Contract. Continuing to Pay Uncle Louie $60,000 for throw rugs, so that Uncle Louie can keep splitting the money with Him.

WOAH there …. what just happened ? You shouted down on the ground, and the Robbers just thumbed their nose at you and walked away ….

“Well F*CK. Now what do we do? ” We didn’t choose left OR right, we chose reverse … but what happened … the car went faster instead. So we yell at the police to shoot them, but the police say … “sorry .. THEY sign our pay checks, not you.” … and you say .. “But they use MY money to PAY your paycheck.” and the police say, “yes, but they made it legal, and then hired US to enforce the laws. .. so back up sir, we have to go call a cab to take the bank robbers to the airport. and you need to get back to work, because we’re going to need money to pay Uncle Bobbie’s cab service $50,000 to take them to the airport.

Tell me. Who has the power ? You now realize that your 1st Amendment rights are useless. You can shout “Get on the ground” until you are blue in the face. They are STILL going to walk away with YOUR money.

Now Uncle Louie and Uncle Bobby each contribute $10,000,000 to the campaign to make it illegal for you to own guns. … and they use the money for a big AD campaign … because … Uncle Johnie runs the Media Outlet. And they then use oblivious lies to convince compete fools who have NOT figured out that Uncle Louie, Uncle Bobby and Uncle Johnny are getting paid oodles of your money, to split the cash with John mcCain, who then votes to make it legal for them to do so, so that the police that are paid with YOUR money, come to your house with GUNS and TAKE the money from you …. because it is now LEGAL.

And just as the police finish emptying your wallet, and your piggy bank … and the door closes behind them … a commercial comes on TV … and it is … John McCain … and he is talking about how he is going to ban all guns… and you think to yourself about the men with Guns, that were just at your house to rob you, because it was legal.

And then … you go back to the constitution and you read the part where it says “If you yell Down on the Ground, and they don’t stop … you shoot them.” ….. and suddenly … a light bulb goes off …. and as you look up from the Constitution … who do you see? But John McCain standing there … and he notices that you have been reading the Constitution … and he see’s that look in your eye … and notices the AR-15 in your hands ….

So he goes back to Congress … and what does he do ? He has Patriot’s declared Domestic Terrorists …. And who are Patriots ? They’re the ones that were reading the Constitution. And then he goes back to Uncle Bobby, Uncle Louie and Uncle Johny and says we’re going to need a lot more money for that anti-gun campaign … and FAST!!

So they all get together, and think of a plan to make the public willingly vote to disarm themselves. They think, and they think, and they come up with a catchy title …. “It’s just common sense” who could possibly be against “Common Sense” ? And then we’ll tell all the sheep, that the Gun Owners are crazy and irrational, and that they will not listen to “Common Sense ( Gun Law )” and that as a “Democracy” we must “Ram it down their throats”. .. despite the fact that The Constitution says it is illegal to do that…. and that we do not need to obey illegal laws, that run against the Law of the Land…. but if you have actually READ the Constitution …. that makes you a Patriot … and if you are a Patriot … you are a Domestic Terrorist … and if you are a Domestic Terrorist … we will pass the National Defense Authorization Act, which says we can put you in jail for ( reading the constitution ) indefinitely, without trial or recourse ( which is ALSO a violation of the constitution ) … simply … because you READ the Constitution.

Then they pass laws … to send guys with guns, to get your guns… and when you say “but the Constitution says”… you are immediately arrested as a terrorist.

Now we look out the window, and see a no knock raid and swat team at our neighbors house … and .. we look over at our fireplace … and the rifle hanging over it … and we are faced with a decision …

What is the RIGHT thing to do? Well, ladies … if you looked out the window and saw a woman being raped .. what would YOU do ? And African Americans … if you looked out the window and saw a white guy whipping your neighbor for not picking enough cotton …. what would YOU do ?

And everyone else … if you looked out the window … and you saw them whipping and raping your neighbor .. and you knew they were going to come to your house next.. and whip you and rape your wife … and you looked over at the rifle on the mantle… and you realize .. you left a copy of the Constitution out on the Table …. and just as you think that … a bed of sweat runs down from your forehead …. and you hear a knock on the door ….

And you know you are about to be beaten and imprisoned ….. and a voice says…. “Toss your guns out the window, and open the door!”

And you glance out the window, and now they are smashing your neighbors teeth in with the stock of a shotgun.. heck … maybe your neighbors name is LeVoy Finicum. … and you know damned well … HE read the constitution too ….

Are you going to toss those guns out the window, or not ? In the back of your head … you hear the words… “If they don’t get on the ground when YOU tell them to get on the ground … you shoot them.”

Now … in the final moments you say … “I finally get it.”

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Mark Wolf
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