ABC Values: ABC-Disney Hired Convicted Child Molester but Fired Roseanne for Mean Tweet

by Jim Hoft

ABC fired Roseanne Barr for posting mean tweets this week.
One tweet alleged Obama adviser Valerie Jarret was the spawn of the Muslim Brotherhood and monkeys.

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Disney Chief Bob Iger said canning Roseanne was the right thing to do.

But ABC hired writer-director Victor Salva after he served time for child molestation.

Salva abused a boy from age 8 to 12 who was acting on a film he directed.

He served only 15 months in jail.

ABC also employs some of the biggest racists in the business.


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More examples of questionable people ABC employs:

Wanda Sykes is always making racist jokes, yet quits the Roseanne show minutes after

We all know this unhinged liberal!

Highly toxic tweets from Kieth Olbermann

Oh and this one from Kimmel is priceless!

It’s quite apparent that liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds, or what the meaning of double standards is for that matter. It’s my theory that they wanted the show gone because she was Trump supporter even though the show was wildly popular amongst people from both sides of the political spectrum.

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