RNC Torches Democrats in New Midterm Ad: ‘MS-13 Killers…They Aren’t So Bad’

By Matt Vespa

There are some of us who know how far left the Democratic Party has become. Some are seeing it right now, while others still in the dark concerning how radical this party has become. Two weeks ago, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the House Minority Leader, defended MS-13, saying she was appalled over the president calling them “animals.” Then again, the news media decided to peddle fake news, claiming that President Trump was referring to immigrants as animals. That’s not true. Folks, there’s video and a transcript. They were wrong, but decided to peddle this crap anyway because the elite media has Trump Derangement Syndrome. In fact, it’s so systemic that the president now has liberals defending Latino gang members. They’re not animals, they’re still human beings is the hill the Left wants to die on—and people wonder why Democrats can’t get into an effective messaging war with this White House.

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The latest 2018 midterm ad from the Republican National Committee torches Democrats for their refusal to call things what they are. MS-13 is a roving pack of animal killers. They’re thugs. They’re trash. They deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They rape, torture and murder their victims. They’re garbage people. Period. I don’t care if it’s dehumanizing. Some times certain people and the criminal elements they align with deserve it. I find nothing wrong with the president dehumanizing a cancerous element that’s infecting the country.

How did a segment of the country (progressives) become so soft? And please—spare me the whole respect for life and humanity aspect the Democrats are trying to drum up with their outrage. You’re a pro-abortion party. You leap to the defense of criminal thugs, but are silent when it comes to butchering babies. There is no light in these people in MS-13, just a miserable, evil cesspool of depravity. Yet, they’re not so bad, according to Democrats. When it comes to immigration enforcement and border security, you know which party is serious. And it’s not the one that seems to place hope in bunch of depraved rapists and killers.


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