Progressives Target and Attack Parents

Check out this epic rebuttal

Progressives, Social  Justice Warriors, Socialists, Democrats, and Marxists actively target anyone not in lockstep with the Leftist transformation of America.

The hijacking of the nations youth is the mechanism and means to dismantle our Constitutional Republic where freedoms will become a dusty relics.

MARCHING students into the streets is the latest stunt, claiming First amendment right; to protest the Second Amendment right which is essentially a challenge protest the Bill of Rights and is the agenda. Make no mistake.

How much more will Americans tolerate? They’re after the children. Are you PC Silenced. Are you fed up yet?

We knew once American parents established themselves as opposition to the agenda with an educated voice, the progressive left would pounce and target, malign, shame and even infiltrate any parental movement.  As they have already done on social media, in fact for years only now it’s in the open. Censoring is now rampant.

Predictably, a not so bright Leftist writer named Rachel M Cohen sets her sights to BASHING parents, using emotionally charged rhetoric such as “hard-right wingers” that want to “gut public education” she inadvertently included parents in with the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin and others strong voices of the sane patriot American. A catapult to the National conversation. Thank you. She neglects to understand the youth are our children.

The “Intercept” is a leftist publication that just ran an article titled Right Wing Media View Student Activists and see a reason to gut public education    A novice hit piece attacking Parents and the conservative right.

Here’s a fabulous Rebuttal

“The World According to Rachel M. Cohen … And the Most Empty Defense of Public Education Ever”

Rachel M. Cohen is one confused lady. In an article for “The Intercept”, a bewildered Ms. Cohen argues against herself.

And loses.


Quite a feat.

Never has a progressive scribe written a more salient condemnation of public education than Rachel M. Cohen. She must be the most unconscious journalist in all of Leftdom.

The headline of her bewildering piece says that the Right is now intent on gutting public education because of the recent student walk-out. And then Ms. Cohen lists all of the obvious wacky weirdness that has much of the country shaking their heads at the public schools of today … and it clearly goes beyond the Parkland tragedy. Way beyond.

And then the disoriented Ms. Cohen cites credible authority figures to destroy her supposition… Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh and… continue reading here




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