Military Accidents may signal GPS Spoofing – The New Cyber War. Is POTUS safe?

GPS Spoofing

The digital age heralded another new form of warfare. Cyber Warfare, of which altering behavior and traits through information and propaganda was just one form. Another was the direct but covert attack of infrastructure via electronic means. Hacks of electric grids, or computing devices that aided business and defense. Satellites providing communications and Geo Location originally placed into orbit in a lower tech world have became vulnerable as weaknesses in the old technology become more exploitable.

According to a story in The New Scientist , on June 22nd 2017, an incident in the Black Sea raised eyebrows and heralded a new form of Cyber Attack. It is called GPS Spoofing.  22 Ships reported anomalies in their GPS tracking systems that cause the Ships Navigation Systems to believe they were in another location from where they actually were.

The master of a ship off the Russian port of Novorossiysk had discovered his GPS put him in the wrong spot – more than 32 kilometres inland, at Gelendzhik Airport.

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After checking the navigation equipment was working properly, the captain contacted other nearby ships. Their AIS traces – signals from the automatic identification system used to track vessels – placed them all at the same airport.

Until now, the biggest worry for GPS has been it can be jammed by masking the GPS satellite signal with noise. While this can cause chaos, it is also easy to detect. GPS receivers sound an alarm when they lose the signal due to jamming. Spoofing is more insidious: a false signal from a ground station simply confuses a satellite receiver. “Jamming just causes the receiver to die, spoofing causes the receiver to lie,” says consultant David Last, former president of the UK’s Royal Institute of Navigation.

But the vulnerability of GPS signal, should be of serious concern. Ships, planes and cars all navigate by GPS. A ship for example, can be on a Northerly course navigating by GPS signal. But if the GPS were to suddenly tell the ship it was heading in a westerly direction, it would cause automated and sometimes even human pilots to veer to the right to correct its course. By altering the GPS signal, direction and location, vehicles can actually be steered remotely simply by telling a navigation system it is on the wrong course or in the wrong location.

Several recent collisions of US Navy Ships on deployment and maneuvers of the Asian Pacific, raised much speculation on what was going on. How could the USS Antietam run aground near Yosuka, Japan? This bizarre occurrence was not an isolated incident though.  The USS Champlain, the USS Fitzgerald, and the USS John McCain were all involved in serious collisions in the area, all occurring in the last 12 moths

LINK: Fourth US Navy collision this year raises suspicion of cyber-attacks

Then, on Saturday January 6th, 2018 the US Navy actually assisted in a rescue mission as a freighter and an oil tanker left 32 sailors missing in a fiery inferno off the coast of China.

US joins search for 32 missing after ships collide off China, leaving oil tanker at risk of exploding

While a subsequent investigation of all of these incidents remained less than conclusive, the Navy tried to assure us it was simply random pilot and mechanical errors that led to the crashes.

But these may not be the only incidents related to possible GPS spoofing. A series of military aircraft crashes, most recently including the Loss of an F-16 resulting in the death of Thunderbirds Pilot now Marks the 4th Military Aircraft Incident this week. This has once again raised the specter of Cyber Warfare and GPS Spoofing, during times where tensions are running high. 4 Marines were also killed in a helicopter crash in Southern California raising questions that include the coincidental Geo Location of the incidents.

What happened to Malaysian Airlines flight 370? All or  some of these incidents may in fact be related, and while it may be found that some are not related at all, the pattern is one that is raising alarm in military and intelligence agencies alike. If GPS spoofing can affect planes, is POTUS safe to fly ?

Assassination takes many forms.


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Over the history of the world, the weapons and strategies of war have changed and adapted. Much like Darwin’s evolution of species, over the course of years, combatants, whether they are of the animal kingdom, plant world a or microbes, all creatures have had to develop traits that enabled them to combat diverse conditions and harsh environments.

One of the adaptations over the course of history included social structure.  It is one of the most basic instincts, and it is hard wired into our DNA. Groups of similar species congregate together, and learn how to live, work, and fight as one unit to preserve the colony. Fish swim in schools, birds fly in flocks, lions roam in prides, and buffalo in herds.

This natural precept has shaped every aspect of the world today, and is a direct result of “Survival of the Fittest.” When under attack, even a herd of normally herbivorous water buffalo will turn on a predator like a lion,  and fight and defend as a group. This, quite simply was an evolutionary development that resulted from independent creatures being easy prey without the social instinct, and so with time, the DNA structures of non social creatures died off as the independent species succumbed to predatory species.

Man is no different. Throughout mans history, the development of civilization enabled man to grow, thrive, and become strong as a group. Like every living organism, Mankind is born with a survival instinct. Those that congregate together, work together and fight together outlive those that do not. It is a simple process of Natural Selection that has existed since the dawn of time.

Warfare is an advanced form of Natural Selection

In 13th century China, the Mongolians developed the predatory trait of attacking as massive hordes in a barbarous ruthless assault that left scorched earth and bodies in it’s wake. If you were peaceful farmers, villagers, or loners, the hordes slaughtered you, took what you had, raped the women and killed the children. This left those with strong social structure in their DNA alive.  Agrarian colonies were the water buffalo, or perhaps better portrayed as sheep, while the Mongolians were the lions. As had always happened throughout history, herbivores ate the plants, carnivores ate the herbivores and a natural structure developed into what today, we call the ‘food chain’.

Warfare became that evolution, but it did not just happen on a genetic level anymore, but it happened on a social, and intellectual level. Genetic Evolution, by nature is a long slow process whereby species adapt to their environment. Those that adapt quicker than others survive, and for millions of years this basic form of genetic evolution ruled the day….. until creatures began to develop neurological colonies that formed rudimentary intelligence. This changed the way species evolved, because it allowed creatures to adapt much quicker than simple genetic evolution.

And with the advent of communication, those adaptations could quickly be passed among a social structure enabling whole colonies to adapt at much quicker pace. The Chinese learned, shared, adapted and worked together to build a wall, and with that adaptation, became a surviving species.

Those same adaptations have changed the way wars have been fought for thousands of years

Those same adaptations have changed the way wars have been fought for thousands of years, from the invention of projectile weapons, armor, siege towers, explosives, warships and aircraft.

Catapults, trebuchets and later aircraft and rockets altered the nature of the line of scrimmage. Previously where troops and supplies were stationed in reserve behind battle lines, were in large, safe from attack unless the enemy broke through lines of defense. Catapults, aircraft and rockets changed that, allowing an enemy to attack and destroy targets previously protected behind defensive lines.

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Up until the end of WWII, most wars were fought in a traditional manner based on attrition, and battles along front lines. But on August 6th, 1945 all of that changed when the United States developed and dropped the first Nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. That’s when the world learned that an entire colony, along with all the culture and knowledge it had “adapted” over thousands of years, could be wiped off the earth in seconds.

Yes. Knowledge, Culture and Societies can be completely erased. It is called extinction.

The invention of nuclear weapons forever changed the face of warfare. If you knew who your enemy was, you could erase them from the face of the earth. This reality put an immediate end to WWII as the Japanese became the first society to be confronted with an extinction level event. Engaging in war and conflict might get everything you know ‘erased’ from the face of the earth.

For 45 years after the conclusion of WWII The United States and The Soviet Union, each declaring the other an enemy, stewed in the fact that they could no longer openly fight each other through means of arms.  It was called “The Cold War”, and it was a balance that held back a conflict of arms, by a surety of Mutually Assured Destruction. Any open act of war between the two superpowers had a high probability of both societies being erased. So instead if direct conflict, it led to Proxy Wars, like Korea and Vietnam, where the US and Soviets armed and aided factions that had sympathetic ideology to their own.

The Art of War Moved Underground

No longer could a Country declare war through normal means, because once revealing oneself as an enemy or aggressor, they could get your entire society ‘erased’, so it was done through covert means of fear by entities that could not be directly linked to a state, in order to induce behaviors. It also lead to the development of another new form of Warfare, called Terrorism. Economic warfare is another means of warfare that the United States is currently losing, all the while touting its military prowess.

Erasure of Culture and Knowledge is a form of warfare.  Today that process is happening even faster with the advent of internet. What was once cast in stone or written in black and white has now become a fluid alteration of history and culture designed to change the way the colony adapts or reacts to stimulus or attack. It is further exacerbated by foreign invasion into the education system whereby societies can be convinced not to defend themselves, or to attack themselves, or to commit suicide.

Open Borders is an example of a trait educated into a culture that causes them to fail to defend themselves.

Gun control is another such example.  It is perpetuated by those that fail to see the danger, or who maliciously seek to disarm their enemies through stealth and trickery. We see many examples of this today in the Media, Schools and even in Congress.

Former attorney General Eric Holder proposed changing the nature of how we think about self defense in a public speech where he proposed the long term brainwashing of a population using the education system. Literally using the term “Brainwashing” to describe their intent.

Then, during the Obama administration, on July 2nd, 2013, with Eric Holder as Attorney General, the United States repealed a decades old ban on government use of Propaganda against it’s own people, actively entering into a massive campaign war of “Fake News” against the American People, to convince them that the act of self defense was bad. One may have just forced the Water Buffalo to forget that they can fight the lion together as a herd.

There could be no better description of this than a “Wolf in Sheeps Clothing.” The Lions have convinced the Buffalo not to Defend themselves, because the Lions are much better suited to protect them.  This is cultural suicide.  The Buffalo can now be raised, domesticated, sold and slaughtered all at the will of the Lions.

LINK: U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans

It has become open knowledge that the CIA has been interfering and influencing American thinking through the media for many years. The recent release of the John F. Kennedy documents exposed numerous operations to influence and control the Media and thereby American thinking since 1950’s. Also known as Operation Mockingbird, the government would like us to believe that these unethical and illegal practices were ended long ago, but the repeal of a ban on government propaganda in the US only shows that it continues, and has simply been made legal by the same criminals employing it, so as to avoid prosecution.

LINK: 50 Facts about the CIA and Media

This dangerous act while now being legal, remains nonetheless highly unethical. And the fact that it is now massively widespread within the social media as well, as demonstrated by a recent purge of critical thinkers on social media and illegal use of personal data for the purposes of brainwashing and influence only demonstrates that the problem is bigger than ever.



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