Why Transgenders?

There is NO SUCH THING as “trans(fluid)gender”.

Why Transgender?

Why, of all of the authentic and legitimate social and political concerns facing our country and our world in this day and age, has “transgenderism” suddenly and spontaneously rocketed to the top?

Why has the smallest fraction of the population who are intellectually and emotionally unable or unwilling to reconcile their own minds with their physical reality, suddenly risen to the pinnacle societal victim class; sparking broad, massive, radical public policy implemented with insane and breakneck urgency?

Have 51% of the population really been hit with a lightning bolt revelation of a need for adults to get naked in the presence of children of the opposite sex in public and school restrooms and locker rooms nationwide?

Have the collective worldwide scientific and historian communities seriously spontaneously and abruptly determined physical reality to be irrelevant to human existence? Or is there something even more calculated and nefarious at play here?

The concept of “transgender” challenges the most fundamental truths of human existence. It is chaos aimed squarely at the roots of reality. AND our US Constitution.

Human gender is absolute, binary and the condition of the preservation and perpetuation of the species.

There is NO SUCH THING as “trans(fluid)gender”.

We know it. We shouldn’t ever even have to say it out loud. And yet, we are being coerced and even forced by law to affirm the obvious unbridled absurdity.


What is it about THIS particular lie which has it barreling at breakneck speed at our civil society and mowing down the entirety of human culture and history?

The answer is that this lie is the cultural, societal and governmental MOAB aimed squarely at the truth which roots human existence in liberty; the truth which anchors the unalienable rights of man embedded and enumerated in the US Constitution.

The Founders and the authors of our Constitution rightly and absolutely recognized the rights of man to be UNALIENABLE.

The UNALIENABLE rights of man exist above and apart from any governmental or man-made construct. They are inherent in the natural order of human existence.

The definition of unalienable from dictionary.com:
“Unalienable definition, not transferable to another or not capable of being taken away or denied; “

THIS is the premise of our liberty.
THIS is the anchor of our Constitution; that there exist in the world such things that man does not have the power to change or dominate.

And YET, our current government, particularly those of the globalist mindset both within and outside of our borders, seek to advance, even impose the concept that human beings can change/dominate their physical gender. Why?

Because if even the most tangible unalienable physical reality of human gender is deemed malleable; then there is no such thing as unalienable.

Our Constitution is unhinged from the natural order because globalists have annihilated the concept via the transgender narrative and oppressive imposition of the false construct. “Transgender” is not an innocuous fad.

It is NOT people just being who they think they are and exercising their own freedoms. It is not an innocuous social component of society. And it most certainly is not liberty.

For sure, the vast majority of people who identify as transgender are not intentionally complicit with the tyranny, but are merely victims of the lies and their own weakness and confusion.

That does not change the fact that at its core, the transgender narrative and construct is a diabolical, toxic, deliberate weapon of destruction aimed at the eternal truth of the natural order and thereby, the US Constitution and the concept of unalienable rights of man and the freedoms inherent within them.

Many people recognize the absurdity of the concept of transgenderism and it’s attack on the fundamental building blocks of civil society; the nuclear family.

But very few recognize the devastating intent and consequences of advancing the transgender narrative and social and political agenda. And the vengeance with which the globalists respond to even the whisper of dissent; demonizing and shutting down as “bigots” and “haters” anyone who dares utter the simple truth that gender, like our freedom is absolute and unalienable.

There is NO OTHER REASON for such an obviously false and radical concept to have suddenly become such an ominous and pressing urgency in this increasingly volatile and tyrannical culture. This concept was not advanced organically. It is being promoted and financed and succeeding because those who seek tyranny have found it a powerful weapon and those it is aimed at have yet to recognize the danger.

The agenda must be recognized for what it is and the power for destruction it holds.

It must be opposed and dismantled; before it is allowed to succeed in the destruction of our precious and fragile free republic; not to mention our poor children’s minds and bodies.

By Anne LaValle

Author: Thinkologist

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