Eric Holder: We Have to “Brainwash People” & Kids With Anti-Gun Curriculum in Their Classrooms

The radical left, or as I like to call them the progressive left took to destroying our Republic long ago, they’ve made it their business to destroy family values, limit our rights as Parents, infiltrate our educational system (get em young and brainwash them right through college), revise our History to better fit their agenda, constantly attack our Constitution so as to leave our Natural born rights vulnerable and destroy Capitalism….and now we are starting to see, so very clear, the fruits of their labor! Back when they started their mission to destroy everything that makes America great, if exposed society would cast them they laid low and worked quietly behind the scenes and quite effectively as we can see.

Donal Trump saw this, he’s old enough to know and wise enough to see their destructive intentions and the ill effects they have brought upon our society. He left his very cushy life in hopes of reversing the damage that’s been done and sadly some Conservatives have joined the ranks of liberals (brainwashed by the media maybe) in opposing him. Why??

Freedom loving Americans established this country once before, successfully breaking the chains of an oppressive and tyrannical government…and now that we have a man that supports the same ideals in the white house, we need to do it again!

This tweet from James O’Keefe highlights how some Americans allow themselves to be forced into behaviors and thoughts knowing full well in the back of their minds, they’re just no good. But like sheep, they willingly bend to societal pressure from the left.

An article from the True Pundit exposes just one of the methods used by the progressive left:

There is perhaps no greater truth about the radical Left’s indoctrination of public school students on guns than this Eric Holder video clip that has resurfaced.


The former Attorney General — who helped run thousands of illegal guns to Mexico in his “Fast & Furious” scandal which killed Border Agent Brian Terry — simply tells folks during a speech that the Democratic plan to brainwash children about guns in school.

Liberal teachers.

Liberal school boards.

Clueless parents.

 Liberal curriculum.

Liberal pounding about the dastardly Second Amendment.

This is the America Holder and his cronies like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton envision for you.


Wake up people, we must take a stand to preserve our country before it’s unrecognizable (the transition almost complete)!! We can clearly see by what’s in the news, the next group of up and coming voters are those that have been successfully indoctrinated by the left…we must act before it’s too late!


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