SOS – Shiny Object Syndrome

Alert Liberals and inanimate objects BOO!

By Denis Ian

“The Western world has lost its civic courage . . . . [it] is particularly noticeable among the ruling and intellectual elite, causing an impression of a loss of courage by the entire society.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

That’s us. Uncourageous civic cowards.

Societal skulkers. Cultural invertebrates.

American liberals have this handy habit of excusing themselves from any consequences for tragedies such as Parkland or Las Vegas or Columbine.

They have this reflexive rush to indict a shiny object. To prosecute an apparatus that cannot kill … or maim … on its own. To hold responsible a device that cannot think or decide … or make any judgement at all.

It’s called the Shiny Object Syndrome.

And that shields lots of uncourageous liberals from the uneasiness of having to look inward. To examine themselves. To search for what’s really wrong … and why this society has become so fatigued with important truths. So contemptuous of personal responsibilities. So excusing of dysfunctional behaviors.

And so America is dying. In plain sight. From symptoms that are hard not to see.

And we stand by … and watch … because we’ve become sloppy stewards of our own heritage. A heritage now under siege by the blaming class. Under indictment by condemning, liberal misfits who seethe over historical sins and here-and-now, imagined abuses. Self-anointed cultural purists who blister America … and all of you … as wicked and parochial … and unsophisticated Bible-thumpers.

And it’s those cocksure presumers who rush to finger-pointing judgements before grief even settles in … accusing and indicting and blaming … but ignoring their featured role in this ugliness.

Liberals excuse personal responsibilities, sanction deviancy, and promote promiscuity.
They popularize violence … and profit from it, too.

  • They applaud immorality … and even glamorize it.They encourage riots and anarchy … and then blame everyone but the flame-throwers.
  • They declare their right to free expression, but shut-up those in opposition.
  • They poison the young, foul the schools, decay morals, weaken institutions, and stand in defiance of the natural order of humanity.
  • And then they blame a shiny object for a high school slaughter.

And barely mention the clearly anti-social murderer who left a Hansel and Gretel trail of disturbing clues of his dangerous intent. For years.

What a disturbing psychosis. What psychological absurdity.

And so the shiny object gets over-the-top attention once again. And discourse is declared over … because … I guess … we have the shiny object. So it’s case closed.

And then it’s back to lying. About everything … from borders to gender to elections … and more.

Because, you see, that’s the problem with liberalism … it has to be propped up by lies.

Lots of lies.

And shiny objects.

By Denis Ian


My commentary: “Gun free zones are target zones. We are a nation that has decimated family, values, morals, integrity and respect and eliminated God. This liberal transformation of  feelings over reality “anything goes” with no moral compass has created the perfect storm.
We need to protect our children and the schools. Taking guns away leaves evil armed and these horrific incidents will only increase. Compulsory education forces us to put our children into what has become unarmed and unprotected shooting galleries.”

So, the FBI knew in September? 

Author: Thinkologist

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