And it’s Official … the Fake News Awards are out.. but Donald Trump has Broken The Internet …

Fake news awards

And it’s official, President Trump has broken the internet. Trump has for some time been the topic of much conversation and speculation with regards to his “Fake News Awards”. In fact, legal scholars have been brought on and charged with finding out if it is even “legal” for the president to do so.

I’m sure with Jim Acosta recently being tossed from a press conference, and the open battle between CNN and The White House, Jim’s name will feature prominently….

But stay tuned …. the joke is on all of us …. if the awards list is out, no one can get to it, because the link posted was on the GOP web site, which has now been crashed by too many hits !!

Stay tuned, we will have the list up shortly….

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Mark Wolf
Author: Mark Wolf

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