Erasing the lessons of History

Erasing the lessons of history

What is happening today in the EU may be worse than watching an iron curtain fall across Eastern Europe.  The one thing that has made Western Europe great, was its long rich history, culture and rule of law. What we are watching today, is todays political elite erasing the lessons of history.

Even though America was under assault by English Tyranny during the revolutionary war, when the Declaration of Independence was penned, it did not arise from thin air. Its validity and power was that it was based on centuries old law that had protected the British Peoples Liberties for over 600 years.

Robin Hood
The Bold Outlaw of Sherwood

In 1100, when King Henry ascended to the throne in England, he did so following a particularly bloody and tyrannical reign of William II. During this period, taxes and abuse of the people ran out of control, and the barons and nobility lived posh lives, while the people died in starvation as the fruits of all their labor were seized by jack boots of the king. Remember, this was just shy of the age of the story of Robin Hood.

Upon his ascension, King Henry penned the 1100 Charter of Liberties that was intended to address those abuses and guarantee certain protections to the people.

Henry the First died in 1135, without an heir, which lead to tremendous unrest and a return to abuse of The People by the monarchy. After years of unrest, and a lack of support for 2 abusive rulers after him, in order to quell unrest and reassert Liberties for the People, and to hold the Monarchy to the rule of law as well, King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta in 1215. Also known as The Great Charter of Liberties, the Magna Carta again gave voice to the precepts and principles as stated under the 1100 Charter, and expanded upon them forming a basis of common law that stands to this day.

The Declaration of Independence was an affirmation that Americans needed to be governed under that same law, but they were not being treated like British citizens, and were not afforded representation or the protection of The Magna Carta.

History, and a memory of what has happened before, is the exact thing that protects us and keeps us from making those same mistakes again. Without that history, without the hard work and oppression of generations before, history has shown that we will inevitably be ruled by evil men that will take their power and spoils on the broken backs of The People.

This is equally true today as it was a thousand years ago. Remember, only fundamental intellect and principle of man has changed over the course of history, not the nature of man. If there was one thing that the founding fathers understood, it was that the laws of nature also governed man, and man, much like the animal kingdom would revert to the rule of brute force and strength of violence. It was inevitable. The lion would always kill the gazelle.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were designed to protect the gazelles from the lions, however after 200 years those protections have been eroded, and the lions have simply made it “legal” to kill the gazelles. That is not the same as making it right.

Today, that history is being erased in Europe, and new law and government is being established not by The People, but by the lions that have already made it legal to prey on them. If Macron wins in France, it will give way to a huge erasing of French history and culture. The EU is NOT a democratic governing body. Its leaders are not elected, but appointed through back room deals of the rich and powerful, for the purpose of consolidating the reins of power into what is quickly becoming the new nobility. Only, there is nothing noble about them at all.

For Britain OR France, remaining in the EU means a complete loss of the ability to govern themselves, and it makes voting, parliaments and the voice of The People irrelevant. The EU is the end of democracy in Europe.

Even worse, we are seeing that the powers in Europe are absolving and exonerating themselves of this purge by allowing an invading force that also does NOT believe in Liberty, to eradicate those last vestiges of freedom, liberty and democracy for them. Don’t think for one minute that they don’t know what they are doing by allowing Sharia to destroy European resistance to this takeover. It is Nazi Germany all over again, but with the advent of modern weaponry in the 20th century, it became suicidal to wage war at the level of the Nation State. Just ask Japan, who felt the wrath of that modern weaponry.

No, this time a new strategy has been employed. One that evolved in the Middle East, where countries like Iran never openly attacked the United States. After all, that would be suicide. No, they have learned how to fight by proxy. The United States and the Soviet Union employed an early form of this strategy during the cold war, as each side armed sympathetic adversaries like North and South Korea and Viet Nam, while pretending the whole while that it was not themselves that were at war. After all, it would otherwise be direct conflict of two nuclear powered states.

The KGB made even better use of this strategy in the Middle East, as they were originally responsible for fomenting hatred of the west among the muslim nations. Much like North Korea or Viet Nam, the KGB armed the muslims, and fostered the idea that the West was the great Satan.

This has turned out to be a winning strategy, as a huge population of the world armed with Russian tanks and Kalashnikovs, have moved to engage western power, and they have done so under the guise that was independent radical factions, or “terrorists” and had nothing to do with the Nation States that were breeding them.

If an act of war, such as 9-11 cannot be attributed to a specific Nation State, then it renders the west unable to declare war on a Nation State, which in effect nullifies the effects of Modern Weaponry to a large extent. Plus, they have figured out how to use equal protection of religion to shield what is not actually a religion, but in fact a political ideology.

As we watch before our eyes, we will see the destruction of French Culture and History. Britain in a last desperate attempt has realized its great danger and moved to stop it. But if the culture of Europe is erased, also erased with it is a thousand years of law that was established to protect the Liberty of The People. With no ability to govern themselves under the EU, The 1100 Charter of Liberties, and the Magna Carta will be similarly erased.

The EU believes that it will be able to assert rule over Europe in the vacuum of these erased histories and documents, however they are mistaken. In places like Iran, and Saudi Arabia, the president or princes do not truly rule. The Mullahs do. Sharia will take over Europe, and all opposition will be brutally wiped out, much as communist China and Russia exterminated opposition by the millions. After all, extermination is just another form of erasing the lessons of history.Communist Exterminations

It is right before our eyes, as churches are burned and Christians beheaded, but what has become government controlled media is white washing this on a wholesale scale. The destruction of the nation state, and the histories of individual liberty would become infinitely more apparent if they allowed a spotlight to shine on what is really happening.

Here in the United States, we are a little further removed from it, and perhaps the only thing that has saved us so far, is the Atlantic Ocean. One could make a parallel that the Atlantic is in fact … A Wall. And much like the Great Wall of China or the walls of Israel, they were the only thing protecting a populace from invading forces.  Today we see our own government flying those invaders over the wall of the Atlantic, and allowing a flood of them through porous borders.

While it is convenient to blame Obama for this, he did not start it, but only batted “cleanup”. The words “New World Order” were first uttered by. George H.W. Bush. Much like they learned to shield a political ideology behind a religion, in America under Obama, they hit a home run when they learned to thwart opposition to a political ideology under the cover of racism.

Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry

A good people so willing to provide liberty, equality and religious freedom, had allowed their good nature to render them defenseless. As many have said before, it was a great Trojan Horse. But here again, we see that if one erases the lessons of history, that history can no longer protect you from the tactics and strategies that evil men used in the past to subvert nations.

As Patrick Henry said in his famous “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech, “I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past.”

If we look at the prophetic writings of George Orwell in his novel 1984, three great nations of Oceana, Eurasia and East Asia were always at war. While Oceana may not have always been at war with Eurasia, when their adversaries changed, the Ministry of Truth erased the previous history and made it look as if Eurasia had always been the enemy. Today that Ministry of Truth is the modern state controlled media.

We have never put ourselves in a more precarious position than we are in, in the digital age. We have watched it come quietly when in 2009 the FCC Mandated that all television become digital, and not analog. Anything analog is much easier for the people to use to broadcast their own messages. Digital can be controlled. Today, we have digital phones that are tapped and can be turned off by a switch, and we have “The Internet”, a digital reservoir of history that can be changed with the touch of a button. Unlike that old set of encyclopedias that you owned, the history we read on the internet is rewritten every day.

Under Federally controlled education systems, we have allowed the history that is taught to our children to be rewritten, and we are seeing a rise in socialism and communism that is actively striving to erase the Constitution in America, and with it .. the lessons that date back to the 1100 Charter of Liberties.

For many of the older generations that have lived through much of this history, it is more apparent than ever that the lessons of that history are being changed before our very eyes. And when those lessons are at last lost, the law of nature will reassert itself, and man will once again be ruled by the iron fist of brute force, held by the reins of a petty and vain nobility.

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