Jeff Sessions Confirmed Next Attorney General ! – UPDATED

Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions

Watching Democrats on the Senate floor, it seems they are only capable of exercising the tactics they have used for the last 8 years. One after the other they are using racism and division to create an atmosphere of hate, in the hope that when a vote occurs later today, that the Senate will subconsciously associate this atmosphere to actually be associated with Senator Sessions.

Bernie Sanders tosses accusations of racism on the Senate Floor

Repeatedly quoting Coretta Scott King’s words about voter discrimination, Senator Sanders several times mentioned the issues and atrocities that occurred 20 years ago, implying that these issues were current or recent events. He is however, quoting, Coretta King from 1986, speaking about the events of the 1960’s. This is an attempt to blame Senator Sessions for what was the current state of affairs in the United States 50 years ago, and is a clever ruse to denigrate a Senior Senator, who based on his age, happened to be alive at the time. I find this argument to be ridiculous. It is galling that Democrats would use this tactic, considering it was DEMOCRATS that were responsible for this climate in the 60’s. What twisted mind uses the crimes of their own party to soil the reputation of a man who was forced to contend with the very issues they created?

They, like Andrew Cuomo have repeatedly brought up conservative views and values as if they were crimes that disqualified someone from office. For 241 years this country has been founded on debate, and discussion of opposing opinions. Over the last 8 years, democrats have made it policy to label opposing views as crimes and use every means at their power to punish them. We have seen the use of illegal spying on Americans by the NSA, to provide data to the justice department to target conservative groups. We have seen James Clapper lie about it, and then when the lie was exposed … it was James Clapper who was assigned to investigate his own department.

Obama IRS used to target Conservative Free Speech

We have seen the IRS used to target conservative groups, and a DOJ refuse to prosecute crimes based on political preference. One department after another has refused to follow and honor laws passed by the Legislative Branch, in violation of their duty to uphold the law. In fact, they only selectively enforced laws that were advantageous to their own party’s political agendas.

Since when is being pro-life, grounds for being unqualified to be an appointee for AG?  Democratic Senator Mark Ward actually had the nerve to say Nominee Sessions would use his position to overturn Roe v Wade. I was unaware that Jeff Sessions had also been nominated for the Supreme Court.

Once again, they are claiming that believing in voter ID laws is racist, and based on this racist behavior he is unqualified. Then in the same breath, accused the President of lying about illegal voting, and claim Sessions would not call him out on it, when in fact… it is actually his job to investigate it. It seems as if there is a concerted effort to block the AG Nominee, based on the crimes he might actually investigate.

As an American, I have plainly watched members of our government commit crimes, which both they and a grossly biased media colluded to sweep under the carpet. It did not take President Trump to call attention to these issues, Americans have been screaming about them for years. No, it was in fact, Trumps acknowledgement of the things that we have been pointing out for quite some time, that got him elected. The republican establishment candidates made promises to investigate and stop these issues over the last 2 elections, and we have given them the House AND the Senate to accomplish these tasks, only to watch them do nothing. President Trump consistently promised throughout his campaign to clean up Washington. Therefore, no matter what diversion the Democrats can throw out, this has gone beyond Republicans OR Democrats. We the American People have in the most forceful way possible, short of violent revolution, demanded that Government be held accountable, and we welcome Jeff Sessions commitment to dig into all of these abuses that have systematically deprived the People of their right to determine their own course, and we demand accountability from our representatives.

Harry Reid exercises the “Nuclear Option”

For anyone that has been paying attention, we have watched a Democrat controlled House and Senate abuse their majority and set precedent on confirmation of Presidential nominees, in what was referred to as the “Nuclear Option”. This precedent allowed Presidential Nominations to be approved by simple majority of 51 votes, instead of the 3/5ths rule that required 60 votes. The Parliamentary procedure was exercised to prevent republicans from blocking three Obama judicial appointments to the US Appellate Court. An exercise to further corrupt the integrity of the Judicial Branch, and render Congress irrelevant. At the time Democrats argued that it was necessary to fix a “broken system”, while Republicans argued if would further damage the system. The move allows the Senate majority unprecedented power, and actually damages the fabric of our Republic ( not democracy ), which was designed to protect the minority from the majority. Once exercised, this rule sets an example for all future congresses, and while it was used at the time to ram decisions down a then minority republican Senate’s throat, little, if no thought was put into how it would be used in the future. It was, in fact, a greedy power grab by Democrats.

Betsy Devos Confirmed

Today, as we sit waiting for Congress to vote on new Presidential Nominations, Democrats are lamenting their actions. Actions which allowed for the confirmation of a strongly Democrat contested nominee for Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, with a simple majority vote of 51 to 50, a tie of which was broken by the President of the Senate, Vice President Mike Pence.

In what was viewed as a bitter loss, they have renewed their fight against Senator Sessions, and in the absence of long standing procedure that protected the democratic process, that they themselves destroyed, they have resorted to lies, accusations and a continuation of dishonest congressional politics that were fomented under a long and dubious leadership of Harry Reid.

It is expected that today’s vote will also see the confirmation of Jeff Session’s, and that terrifies Democrats, who may find themselves on the receiving end of both DOJ Justice, and a correction of 8 years of racial politics they forced on America.

Americans are furious with these policies, and for the Democrats … these chickens are coming home to roost.


Mark Wolf
Author: Mark Wolf


  1. Very clear, accurate picture of how we the people got to the point we are at, and how glorious a time this is for republican’s and America!

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