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Original title: Customize Mouse Buttons-X-Mouse Button Control Many famous brands provide mouse control center software for users to customize buttons, such as Logitech,printed tape measure, Leibo,bespoken tape measure, Shuangfeiyan and so on. But there are also many five-button mice (DPI switch keys are not included) that do not have this kind of software, such as SANWA SUPPLY, custom tape measure ,bra measuring tape, which I am using, whose thumb side keys only have forward and backward functions, which is very weak. The X-Mouse Button Control software (hereinafter referred to as XMouse) introduced this time can replace the functions of mouse keys, so that side keys can be simulated as other keys to play more roles. In addition, get rid of the dependence on the manufacturer’s software, we can choose the mouse more freely to consider the feel, appearance and other factors. Expand the full text XMouse provides three alternatives by default (the number of alternatives that can be modified in the settings is 1 to 10). Each alternative is independent of each other and can be switched by keyboard shortcuts (the shortcuts are customized in the settings). You can also add a configuration file to make the alternative only work in a specific program. Xmouse can simulate all the functions of a mouse and multimedia keyboard, and is not limited to a single click. It not only allows the mouse side button to act as the middle mouse button when drawing,large print tape measure, but also simulates holding down CTRL + SHIFT (mobile alert) or pressing S (stop) in Red Alert 2, and can also use the side button to adjust multimedia volume and display brightness. The way of playing is very rich and worth studying. Note that the XMouse settings do not provide the option to boot. You can set the boot as follows: Locate the 32bit (x86) or 64bit (x64) folder in the extracted folder (depending on your operating system), then locate the XMouseButton Control. Exe in it and create a shortcut; Enter C: ProgramData Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs in the Explorer address bar and press Enter; Open the “Startup” folder and copy the shortcut into it. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.