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Cheap Queen Size Platform Bed Frames


Typically the most common cheap bed frames are basic steel frames. These are usually adjustable to fit your exact bed size and are available at a variety of online retailers for a very reasonable price. A decent metal bed frame (without a headboard) can be found for as little as $40 on sites like or If you are looking for a cheap queen size platform bed that offers a little more style without being too pricey, consider getting a futon frame. There is a wide array of metal and wooden frames available at prices starting around $70-$80. Of course, this doesn’t include the mattress or the mattress cover.



Daybed frames also offer a cheap but stylish alternative. Starting at less than $100 at retailers such as &, they are a little more pricey but definitely complement a room’s decor better than the previous styles of frames discussed. The less expensive daybed frames are usually made of metal for their strength and durability (and lower cost). Wooden daybeds are generally more expensive and not quite as popular among online merchants.


Lastly, we would be remiss if we didn’t discuss what may be the best option of all when it comes to finding cheap bed frames… Building your own! I’m Serious! Don’t be overwhelmed if you’re not a carpenter. There are plans, instructions, material lists, etc. all over the internet that make the frame building process MUCH easier for the average person. Sites like and YouTube have plenty of information to get you started. Needless to say, building your own frame can save you a ton of cash and with a little creativity you can end up with a very handsome piece of furniture. If you are the do-it-yourself type, check out the video below for a quick example of an easy project:


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Queen Bed Frame Dimensions


The specific sizes of bed frames are different in different parts of the globe. For instance, in Australia and North America, a queen platform bed measures sixty (60) inches across by eighty (80) inches long (or 5 feet by 6 feet 8 inches). This is a widely held standard in these regions and typical queen bed frames will be very close to these measurements. In the United Kingdom*, queen bed frames typically measure the same in width (60 inches) but are slightly shorter in length at only 78 inches.



The standard size for queen bed frames in Latin America and Continental Europe are quite close to the rest of the world with only slight differences. In these regions, the standard queen bed is a little wider at 63 inches with a length of 79 inches. It is important to note that these are standard sizes and the actual best queen size platform bed may (and indeed, DO) vary a little in each region.


These minor variances typically mean very little when it comes to fitting a queen-size mattress on a queen-size frame. So to recap queen bed frame dimensions by region: N. America /Australia: 60 inches by 80 inches (or 152 cm × 203 cm) the United Kingdom*: 60 inches by 78 inches (or 150 cm × 201 cm) Latin America /Continental Europe: 63 inches by 79 inches (or 160 cm × 200 cm) *It is important to note that in the United Kingdom, the term “Queen Bed” isn’t typically used. Instead, what is called a queen bed to other parts of the world is called a King bed in the UK, and what other regions call a King Bed is called a Super-King in the UK.