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Alice released the survivors from the Arcadian freezer, and they all came to the deck, looking around blankly, not knowing where to go, while Alice and Claire stood together, laughing about how they had blown up Wesker, but then there was a roar of planes, and when they looked up again, several planes appeared in the sky. The red and white umbrella company logo on the fuselage is eye-catching. Alice and Clare looked at each other with a heavy expression. The Parachute Company sent several planes, all of which were heavily armed members of the Special Operations Unit, to catch the survivors who had escaped, as well as Alice. At the beginning, she was not polite to the unarmed survivors, but all those who resisted were shoot-to-kill. Alice could not watch them go into the tiger’s den again. She herself was also in the focus of the members of the special combat forces, so she could not shrink back in any case and carried the besieged special combat forces. The members of the Special Operations Force are armed from head to foot, with excellent weapons and a large number of people, while Alice is almost isolated and helpless, and her weapons are far inferior to those of the members of the Special Operations Force, and to make matters worse, when Alice was in Tokyo, Japan,cattle weight tape, against Wesker, Wesker seized the opportunity to inject her with immune serum. This immune serum can neutralize the T cells in Alice’s body, which means that Alice is now just an ordinary person, although her reaction ability and speed are still better than ordinary people, but she has no “superpowers”. 84. A detective (9) If the subscription ratio is more than or equal to 40%, you can read it normally. Otherwise, wait for 12 hours or make up for it. His original name was Szeto Jing, but he was a member of the Shenshui Palace. The Shenshui Palace is a famous place in Jianghu. The palace is full of women. The head of the palace is Yin Ji,Diameter tape measure, a jellyfish who is respected as the best in the world in martial arts. Under her protection, the Shenshui Palace can be said to be a paradise. However, there are many hidden dangers in the calm. For Szeto Jing, it was not because she was helpless that she was taken in by the Shenshui Palace, but because she had a father who could see her every five years, and the father’s vague words on the issue of Szeto Jing’s mother made her mistake that the jellyfish Yin Ji was her mother-killing enemy. After having such an idea, Szeto Jing was determined to avenge her mother, but she alone could not shake the jellyfish Yin Ji, and the “Seven Wonderful Monks” Wuhua came to the Shenshui Palace to lecture for the jellyfish Yin Ji under such circumstances. Not only is Wuhua quite famous, but he also knows many friends, so Szeto Jing decides to sacrifice sex to seduce Wuhua. Then, she closed her breath under extreme anxiety, and when she opened her eyes again, she became Lin Ning. The reason why Lin Ning’s expression changed was not because Szeto Jing was walking on the way to the monk, but because she knew who Szeto Jing’s biological mother was. It was none other than Yin Ji, horse weight tape ,Surveyors tape measure, a jellyfish who was mistaken by Szeto Jing for killing his mother! Not to mention what kind of evil fate this is, just say that Szeto Jing, the poor girl, was pregnant with the same purposeful Wuhua Chunfeng for a time, because she was afraid of the jellyfish Yin Ji, she chose to commit suicide, one corpse and two lives, and did not know that the jellyfish Yin Ji was her biological mother until she died. Lin Ning rubbed his eyebrows and slowly exhaled a foul breath: “Fortunately, there is room for redemption at the moment.”. Lin Ning thought for a moment and went to see the jellyfish Yin Ji with the blue veins on his forehead and the bloodless face. Jellyfish Yin Ji’s living room is not a heavenly palace as imagined by Jianghu people. It is just a stone room made of marble. There are no gorgeous furnishings. There are only a few beds, a small wardrobe, and some cushions on the floor. In addition, there are no extra ornaments. The jellyfish Yin Ji, who was feared by everyone in Jianghu, was sitting on a chair beside the small table. She was dressed in white, with a high nose and sharp edges, and it was easy to recognize her as a man just by looking at her face. Lin Ning’s arrival surprised her a little, but she soon returned to Gujing Wubo: “What’s the matter?” Lin Ning bit his lip, only stubbornly looking directly at the jellyfish Yin Ji, and did not answer. The jellyfish Yin Ji frowned. “Jing?” Then Lin Ning murmured, “I’m going to devote myself to Wuhua.” Jellyfish Yin Ji startled: “What?” She was not angry, let alone now because of the shock, leading to the leakage of energy, the side of a few small can not bear a few tremors, let alone was through the early rejection of Lin Ning, she could not bear to fall to the ground, take advantage of the situation collapsed on the ground, look lax, soliloquized: He always told me that my mother had died long ago, but I didn’t believe it. I think you killed my own mother. But you are so powerful, and your martial arts are the best in the world. How can I be your opponent? But your idea of killing my mother tortures me day and night, and makes me restless. I want revenge, but I can’t help it. But I can also seduce the wonderful monk. He is a disciple of Shaolin, and he is popular in Jianghu. The virgin is nothing. Jellyfish Yin Ji surprised, angry and heartache, shouted: “Enough!” “Enough?”? How can this. I’ve had enough of that kind of torture-you brought me up and taught me martial arts, how can you be my mother-killing enemy? In the last sentence, Lin Ning tried her best to shout out, and tears came out in a rush. In addition, her face was so white that there was no blood at all. It made her look even weaker, which made her situation particularly pitiful. Jellyfish Yin Ji even if the heart is like a rock, but in the face of this scene, she can not be touched, not to mention that she felt guilty about Szeto Jing, usually there is no trace of the expression of her love, see Szeto Jing young to become the most relied on by her disciples can be seen. “Jing’er,” said the jellyfish Yin Ji in a dumb voice. Lin Ning trembled his body, but lowered his head and stopped looking at the jellyfish Yin Ji. For a moment,Fish measuring board, there was only the slight sound of tears hitting the smooth and visible marble floor in the stone room. Moments later, the jellyfish Yin Ji said sadly, “Jing’er.”.