Nursing Research Papers

Writing is a skill that nurses must master early in their careers. This skill is essential for nurses as it allows them to communicate effectively with their patients and families.

Although verbal communication is important in nursing, the ability to write well improves the nurse’s ability provide better care.


The ability to clearly communicate to all involved the patient’s symptoms and history allows them to create a treatment plan that will be effective.


Research papers, like essays, follow a long-form format. A research paper is not like an essay that heavily relies on the author’s perspective. Instead, it presents an in-depth analysis of a topic using data and expert opinions. An essay assesses your writing and critical thinking skills. A research paper, however, tests your knowledge and research skills. You can also use research papers to show that you have read and understood the arguments and findings about a topic. Independent research and analysis is required for research papers, particularly at graduate and doctoral level. Sometimes, these papers can take several months or even years to complete.


You should choose a topic that is relevant to your nursing interests in order to write a good research paper. There are many options, including elderly care issues, patient safety, ethics, mental healthcare treatment, regulations in the U.S. and nursing shortages, as well as possible solutions. No matter what your choice is, you need to plan accordingly. Professors might be able to help you with advanced papers like dissertations. The following sections are common for research papers: introduction, literature review and methods. Results, discussion, discussion, conclusion, references, and discussion. This structure should be remembered when you create notes and outline.

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