Instructions and advice on how to write an essay

However, the basic instructions always remain the same, so in principle a student only needs to learn one scheme to be able to write a formally correct essay. 

The first step in writing an essay is to gather the content and information needed for the essay. It is quite helpful to list the most important content as keywords in order to get a rough overview in this way.

The next step is to create an outline for the essay and place the collected keywords in the section where they belong.

An essay is always divided into three sections, namely the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion:

The introduction introduces the reader to the topic and provides him or her with the most important information. So, for a short story, the introduction might include, for example, a brief introduction of the characters and a description of the setting and time.

For a nonfiction essay, the introduction might explain what the topic is, what issues are addressed, and what aspects are left out. Overall, the introduction is quite short; as a rough guideline, it should be about five to ten percent of the entire essay.

The main body is the longest and most comprehensive section and deals with the actual topic. In an essay as a short story, the tension should continue to build until it finally reaches its climax near the end.

In a nonfiction essay, the arguments are addressed here, with the outline serving as the basis and setting the order. Finally, the conclusion section ends the essay. In a short story, the tension is released, and the conclusion may repeat the main point. In a nonfiction essay, there is a brief summary describing what content was discussed and what conclusions were drawn. In addition, a personal conclusion or statement can be included here.

The conclusion is also quite short, the length is about the same as the introduction. 

However, if you want to write a successful essay, you should not only follow the instructions but also follow some other tips:

It is very helpful if the writer repeatedly puts himself in the role of the reader in order to check the effect of his essay. He should keep in mind that the reader reads the essay without any prior knowledge.

This means that the content must be described in such a way that the reader can understand and comprehend it. At the same time, not every little detail should be described, otherwise, the essay will be too lengthy.

It is also important to avoid long and complicated tapeworm sentences. These are difficult to read and often have to be read several times in order to understand them at all. The essay should also not sound too choppy, but in case of doubt, short sentences are better than too long ones. This is just one of many types of help that writing services can provide. Are you interested? Then it’s a good idea to read an unemployedprofessors review to begin with.

Also, the writer should make an effort to use different words. This means that he should not always work with the same words, but try to find synonyms to make the essay more interesting, lively, and versatile in this way. 

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