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In an aerial view, National Guard members stand under shade while on patrol near the banks of the Rio Grande river on June 04, 2024 in Eagle Pass, Texas. President Biden is expected to sign an executive order that would prohibit migrants who illegally cross the southern border from claiming asylum in the U.S. The move comes after the collapse of a bipartisan Senate agreement on securing the border. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
11:48 AM – Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Throughout his presidency and thanks to his own policies, President Joe Biden has witnessed an ongoing surge of illegal border crossings. However, he has apparently concluded now that action is necessary, even though GOP politicians like U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan have expressed that it is too late.


Nevertheless, after hearing the news, other Congress members like Democrat Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) voiced their own disapproval of the decision.

“An enforcement-only approach has never worked. It is deeply disappointing that the Biden Administration has given in to this same approach. The truth is that what happens at the border is deeply connected to the effectiveness of the legal immigration system,” Jayapal said.

“We should be looking to manage the border, expand lawful pathways, provide a roadmap to citizenship and celebrate the contributions of immigrants by prioritizing a fair, orderly, and humane system. Today’s actions are a dangerous step in the wrong direction,” she added.

Considering that Biden has been in office for almost four years and millions of illegals have already crossed over, it seems as though the president is now attempting to paint himself as a strong leader who is ready to make moves, coincidentally as the 2024 election approaches.

According to the executive action, the number of illegal crossings will be “more rigorously capped” by the order. If 2,500 crossings occur on average each day, border guards would be able to swiftly remove migrants without giving them any chance to apply for asylum.

Additionally, those under 18-years-old will not be affected by the new executive action, meaning that cartel members will still be trafficking underage minors whose families have been informed that their children can live a better life in the U.S., according to Fox News.

For years, Biden has hesitated to admit that he needs Congressional assistance, acting powerless to stop the more than twofold increase in illegal border crossings that transpired during his administration.

Since the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy previously helped greatly reduce the flood of asylum claims at the border, Biden utilized his unilateral authority to reverse it during his first days in office. Many have accused Biden of doing so in order to bring in more future Democrat voters who require U.S. taxpayer-funded assistance to support themselves and their families. 

Biden appears to have turned a blind eye to the issue. Furthermore, it could also be because he did not want to prompt tensions with his party’s progressive members who preferred that there be no border restrictions.

Yet, that tactic has completely backfired.

Biden’s low polling performance is partly attributable to his poor handling of illegal immigration, at least according to poll takers who expressed their reasons for the low favorability rating.

“Immigration, along with the economy and inflation, has soared to one of the top issues on voters’ minds as we head toward the presidential election. It’s not just a border problem anymore, as cities – often large, Democratic ones like Chicago and New York – are dealing with an influx of migrants….  Trump has a 17-point lead on immigration and a 14-point lead on the economy and inflation, according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll from last month,” USA Today reported.

According to reports, Biden will sign the executive order on Tuesday in front of a number of South Texas mayors.

However, the Biden administration has not yet explained in detail how they will get the sort of man power needed to turn the incoming migrants away from the border or how much more funding will be required.

GOP political analysts have questioned whether Biden is suddenly choosing this new border direction in order to distract and take heat off his family during the Hunter Biden gun trial, which is taking place in Los Angeles, California.

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