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This picture taken on November 13, 2023 shows a view of the fuselage and one of the engines of a Boeing 777-9 jetliner aircraft on the tarmac during the 2023 Dubai Airshow at Dubai World Central – Al-Maktoum International Airport in Dubai. (Photo by Giuseppe CACACE / AFP)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
11:23 AM – Thursday, May 2, 2024

Just two months after another employee allegedly died by suicide after voicing concerns about the company, a second Boeing whistleblower who revealed that one of the carrier’s suppliers was neglecting manufacturing flaws has now died unexpectedly as well on Tuesday.


According to The Seattle Times, 45-year-old Joshua Dean, a former quality auditor for Spirit AeroSystems, passed away on Tuesday morning from a mysterious infection that was rapidly spreading.

Prior to his hospital admission almost two weeks ago, Dean, a resident of Wichita, Kansas, was said to be in very good health, according to the outlet.

But by April 21st, the site reported that he was in “very critical condition” and had tested positive for pneumonia, MRSA, and influenza B.

After receiving dialysis and being intubated, Dean was eventually evacuated to a different hospital located in Oklahoma City. According to a CT scan, he had also experienced a stroke.

Doctors had been debating amputating his hands and feet shortly before he passed away since they had become black due to infection, which confused both his family and a team of medical professionals.

“He is in the worst condition I have ever known or heard of. Even the hospital agrees,” Kristen Dean, his sister-in-law, wrote on Facebook.

Dean died on Tuesday.

While employed at Spirit Aerosystems in 2022, a Kansas-based business that produces aircraft parts for Boeing, Dean had consistently voiced concerns about a number of flaws and defects. He lost his job less than a year later.

“I think they were sending out a message to anybody else,” Dean told NPR. “If you are too loud, we will silence you.”

According to The Seattle Times, Dean, a quality auditor for Spirit since 2019, expressed issues regarding parts for Boeing 373 Max aircraft that had bulkhead holes drilled incorrectly. He asserted that raising the matter with his management had no bearing.

He also said that he missed another problem with fittings between the aircraft’s vertical tail fin and fuselage because he was forced to be overly preoccupied with the incorrectly drilled pieces.

This problem was ultimately found, but he still lost his job as a result.

Spirit Aerosystems eventually admitted to having problems with incorrectly placed drilling. “Both issues caused delays at Boeing manufacturiung plants,” The Post reported.

Dean later complained to the FAA, claiming that he was used as a scapegoat by Spirit in an attempt to conceal the Boeing production issues, despite his evidence that he and other employees were instructed to minimize any concerns they noticed.

Experts say the 33-year-old Delta Boeing 767 jet that had an emergency slide is far older than the average age of an airliner currently in service.

He also filed a wrongful termination lawsuit with the Department of Labor in November 2023.

The outlet stated that at the time of his passing, that matter was still unresolved.

In January, after a door hatch on an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 flew off, a former coworker of Dean’s confirmed his allegations to The Seattle Times.

“It is known at Spirit that if you make too much noise and cause too much trouble, you will be moved,” Dean told The Wall Street Journal. “It doesn’t mean you completely disregard stuff, but they don’t want you to find everything and write it up.”

Less than two months have passed since the first Boeing whistleblower, John Barnett, passed away in March from what authorities claim was a “self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

Police say that they are still looking into Barnett’s death after his attorneys called for an investigation. His attorneys said: “We didn’t see any indication he would take his own life… No one can believe it,” calling for a more thorough examination.

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