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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 24: U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) speaks with supporters in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Josh Edelson/Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
4:46 PM – Friday, April 26, 2024

Several surfacing reports stated that on Thursday, while California Democrat representative Adam Schiff’s vehicle was parked in a downtown San Francisco parking garage, his luggage was stolen in a “smash and grab.”


The San Francisco Chronicle was the first to report about the theft.

As a result of the incident, Schiff spoke at a posh dinner party wearing only his olive vest, gray pants, and a navy long-sleeve shirt.

A photograph of Schiff speaking to a group of people seated at a table wearing suits and more formal attire was also included in the Chronicle report. According to the article, Schiff attended the dinner in order to express gratitude to prominent Bay Area lawyer Joe Cotchett, who is backing his candidacy for the Senate seat that Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who passed away in September, had vacated.

“I guess it’s ‘Welcome to San Francisco,’” said Lee Houskeeper, a press agent for Cotchett.

Schiff had been advised not to leave anything in his parked car, according to the outlet, but the politician claimed that he was rushing and did not want to be late for an appointment.

Meanwhile, Schiff posed for a photo with Peter and Kathy Fang, the father and daughter duo who run a popular Chinese restaurant in the city, while still sporting the same attire he wore at the Cotchett dinner.

“Yes, they took my bags,” he told the outlet.

In California’s city of San Francisco, which has acquired the nickname “Bip City” due to certain thieves’ rapid and stealthy way of smashing car windows, car burglaries are nothing new. Since smash-and-grab break-ins have become so common in recent years, local law enforcement officials have made it a priority to combat them using tactics like increased plainclothes officer patrols and the deployment of bait automobiles.

In the state’s March 5th primary, Schiff defeated two Democrat opponents, California Representatives Barbara Lee and Katie Porter, to win the contest and succeed Feinstein. He now faces Republican Senate candidate Steve Harvey, a former MLB player, in November.

Schiff was one of the most vocal officials to accuse Donald Trump of colluding with Russia in order to win the presidential election. In 2017, Schiff, who was the ranking member on the House Select Intelligence Committee at the time, even went as far as to completely disregard the conclusions made by Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr, who asserted that there was no proof of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia after its probe. 

The “prosecutor found that the FBI rushed into its investigation of ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and relied too much on raw and unconfirmed intelligence as he concluded a four-year probe that fell far short of the former president’s prediction that the ‘crime of the century’ would be uncovered,” AP News reported in 2023.

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