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OAN’s Abril Elfi
4:10 PM – Saturday, February 3, 2024

A Brooklyn man who is currently serving time for drug-related offenses admitted that he “just snapped” and killed a drug dealer in exchange for officers giving him a cigarette.


Police went to Virginia this week to look into Nicholas McGee after his wife, Heather Stine, who was charged on Wednesday with concealing a corpse, told them her husband was to blame for the crime following a fight between him and Kawsheen Gelzer, 39, about drugs.

McGee claims that the alleged murder occurred on March 22nd, 2022, which is 17 months earlier than police initially thought.

The suspect identified himself as the victim and claimed that the dealer had failed to provide drugs to both him and Stines, despite the fact that the couple had frequently let him crash on their couch.

In addition, he said Gelzer was impolite to the two. Gelzer is on the state’s sex offender registry after being found guilty of sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy in 2005.

“I just snapped,” McGee purportedly told cops.

Gelzer had fallen asleep on their couch when McGee allegedly reached for a kitchen knife and jammed it into Gelzer’s back, igniting a violent altercation that culminated in multiple stabbings and a hammer blow to the abdomen.

When Gelzer reportedly asked McGee for a reason before he passed away, the alleged murderer allegedly yelled, “Because you’re a piece of sh*t!” in response. And I’m tired of you!”

At that point, it is said that McGee searched the deceased man’s pockets for the drugs he had just been turned down for.

McGee and Stines, whom her husband claimed was at home but wasn’t involved in the murder, left the disfigured body in their apartment for a few days before it began to decompose.

“I got to cut this motherf-ker up,” McGee allegedly recalled.

The couple allegedly used a small saw to cut him up, passing a bottle of vodka back and forth while the majority of the body was placed in plastic bags, which he then placed inside a suitcase that he kept in their refrigerator.

They allegedly thought about throwing the remains but decided it would be too difficult to deal with everyone in the crowded building, according to police sources.

“I put it in there and tried to forget about it,” McGee allegedly admitted.

Neighbors told The Post that although Gelzer’s mutilated body wasn’t found until Monday, “everyone knew” a deadly struggle had taken place in the couple’s apartment.

Tenants claimed that in recent months, Stines had become reticent to allow people into the apartment and had taped up the fridge.

When police finally raided the house on Monday and discovered the head and other body parts on ice, she attempted to stop them from looking inside.

Stines had a mental health assessment before being charged on Wednesday with concealing a corpse.

Law enforcement sources stated that McGee is anticipated to face murder charges in the next few days.

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