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NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 07: Voice actor Tara Strong speaks onstage at the Let's Be Heroes panel during New York Comic Con 2017 - JK at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on October 7, 2017 in New York City. 27356_002 (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Cartoon Network)
Voice actor Tara Strong speaks onstage at the Let’s Be Heroes panel during New York Comic Con 2017 – JK at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on October 7, 2017 in New York City. 27356_002 (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Cartoon Network)

OAN’s Elizabeth Volberding
11:35 AM – Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Tara Strong, a Jewish Canadian-American voice actress, has been dropped from her role on the animation show Boxtown over her “controversial” social media posts about the Israel-Hamas conflict.


Strong, 50, had been the voice behind several well-known shows, including Hello Kitty, The PowerPuff Girls, Rugrats, Teen Titans, and more. Up until her announcement that she would be fired from her role due to her “controversial” posts that she made regarding the Israel-Hamas war, she was also the voice behind the character “Bill the Orphan.”

Strong claimed that she believed she was fired from the show simply “for being Jewish.”

On Monday, the Boxtown official account made a statement addressing the decision on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

“Hello all! Just wanted to offer a quick update on Boxtown. We will be recasting the role of Bill (previously played by Tara Strong). We’ll have more info soon on open auditions. Thanks for y’all’s understanding as we re-orient and figure out the next steps,” the post read. “This decision was due to a trend among Tara’s recent online activity, including posts that promote controversial messages regarding the peoples of Palestine currently being affected by the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis…”

The situation sparked an outrage from fans of the show, with some who jumped to bash on the Boxtown’s management team for letting go of Strong.

Other users raged their opinions in the comments of the post, claiming that they agreed with Strong’s assertions regarding the Israel-Hamas war, which included a user who said that they have “seen this happen before.”

The voice actress posted a response on X after discovering she was being dropped from the animation show.

“Just found out on Twitter!” she wrote of the firing on X, formerly Twitter, on Friday. “This is what happens when you help fans get shows made I guess. Fired for being Jewish. Glad I helped you get your kickstarter money. Please lose my email address & pray for my family in Israel and in Gaza. & #prayforpeace.”

The show’s creators replied back to angry commenters with a post highlighting that there are other voice actors and writers on the show who are also Jewish.

Other commenters fired back asserting that Strong was fired for being Jewish and “not remaining silent.”

Strong responded further in the conversation to individuals who were blasting her as “Islamophobic,” adding, “I’m speaking about the terrorist organization HAMAS. We should all be against them.”

Previously, the voice actress made several posts expressing her support for the innocent victims and slamming the tragic actions committed by Hamas terrorists since they initiated the unprecedented attack on October 7th.

“For those who support the actions of #Hamas; when they infiltrate your hometown, on your soil, break into Jewish homes, raping, beheading innocent babies, will you applaud them? Will you wave their flag while they slaughter Christians & Muslims who don’t believe their ideologies?” one of Strong’s posts said.

Another post of hers read, “World’s gone crazy. People ARGUING online about whether or not the mass raping, shooting & kidnapping of innocent young women from around the world at a music festival is justified! Could happen at ANY music festival! Supporting terrorists empowers them & that’s globally terrifying.”

Boxtown’s official team announced that they will now be holding open auditions for Strong’s former role of Bill.

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