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(L) Shahin Gheblehshenas, 64, and (R) Nina Fathizadeh, 41 (Photos via: San Jose Police Department)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
5:38 PM – Sunday, October 15, 2023

After two toddlers drowned earlier this month at a home daycare, two women—a mother and daughter—who owned and ran the business have now been detained.


According to police and the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office press releases, Nina Fathizadeh, 41, and Shahin Gheblehshenas, 64, were charged with felony child endangerment resulting in death and criminal negligence.

The state-licensed home daycare was called Happy Happy Daycare and it was located in San Jose, California.

Fathizadeh called 9-1-1 on the morning of October 2nd to report one drowning.

According to the police report, there were just four children present at the house at the time, and a fifth child was on the way over.

After another daycare worker reportedly phoned in to explain that she was sick and would not be able to come in, Gheblehshenas also left to work at another nearby daycare center. The remaining children were then being supervised by the daughter.

The District Attorney’s Office stated that while Fathizadeh was preparing breakfast, she claims that she left three children unattended in a play area by the rear patio and pool. She also left another child in a crib.

“There is a responsibility to watch over little children in your care like a hawk,” District Attorney Jeff Rosen said. “Now it is our responsibility to make sure that these defendants are held accountable for this avoidable and heartbreaking tragedy.”

Officials in the state suspended the business’ license.

On October 13th, the suspects surrendered themselves to the authorities. They will be charged on December 6th.

The casualties involved two girls who were 16 months and 18 months old. Despite being in serious condition, a third 2-year-old toddler is anticipated to make a full recovery, police say.

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