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Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, and House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., right, speak to reporters following a Republican Conference meeting at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, June 8, 2022. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

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UPDATED 11:10 AM – Saturday, April 15, 2023

Republican Representative Jim Jordan has declared his support for former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election.

Ahead of his speech at the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention on Friday, Jordan (R-Ohio) spoke with Fox News, and said that he fully supports Trump because the former president has demonstrated that he does what he says he will do, unlike anyone else.

“No one has demonstrated that they will do what they said and get things done like he did, and he did it with everyone in that town against him,” he said. “And that’s what I still respect about President Trump, and I’m for him all the way.”

Jordan went on to say that all the candidates that have already declared are good candidates and that he “liked” all of them, and he is friends with them. However, he emphasized his support for Trump saying that even though former vice president Mike Pence, and Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) are “great” guys, he is “100% for President Trump.”

“I just talked to Vice President Pence. Great guy,” he went on. “Governor DeSantis, a great guy. When we formed the Freedom Caucus, there were nine of us. He was one of the nine. But I am 100% for President Trump.”

The Ohio Representative has been one of the strongest defenders of Trump, including against the felony charges that were brought against him by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Jordan had started an inquiry into Bragg about his efforts into targeting the former president, which included subpoenas to the District Attorney in order to provide documents to the House Judiciary Committee.

Bragg in return had sued the representative accusing him of waging an “intimidation campaign” over his prosecution of the former president. The District Attorney had filed a 50-page lawsuit against Jordan, asking the court to block the representative from “interfering,” as well as requesting a temporary restraining order to prevent him from enforcing the subpoenas.

However, U.S. District Court Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil denied the request submitted by Bragg.

While at the NRA convention, Jordan also impressed the importance of Republicans winning elections moving forward in order for the Second Amendment to remain safe and secure.

“I always tell folks the Second Amendment is right next to the first for a reason. It’s darn important, and we need to understand that and not let the left continue to chip away because ultimately they want to get rid of it,” he said. “But whether it’s the crazy red flag laws, whether it’s what the ATF is doing with the pistol brace rule, on and on it goes. They keep chipping away, but their end goal is to get rid of it, and we got to stop it.”

The Republican then went on to explain that Republicans cannot agree to meet Democrats halfway on gun legislation, because “we just fundamentally disagree.”

“You can’t meet them in the middle because we just fundamentally disagree. Our Constitution fundamentally disagrees with where they want to go,” he said. “And again, I think people with common sense and logic understand that these tragedies are terrible. We wish they never happened. But the answer is not to take firearms away from law-abiding American citizens.”

The remarks from Jordan come after President Joe Biden had expressed during the annual Easter egg roll at the White House that he plans on running for reelection in 2024, however they are “not prepared to announce it just yet.”

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