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UPDATED 4:52 PM – Friday, March 17, 2023

California Governor Gavin Newsom has announced that the Golden State is going to spend about $30 million to build 1,200 small homes across the state this year.

This was a part of a strategy to assist the largest homeless population in the country and deal with a problem that has repeatedly plagued the state throughout the governor’s term.

“We need to focus more energy and precision on addressing encampments,” Newsom said. “There’s no humanity there. People are dying on our watch.”

Instead of giving a standard State of the State address, the Democrat governor embarked on a planned four-city trip. Newsom revealed the plans in Sacramento Important policy announcements on housing, healthcare, and public safety had been anticipated during this time.

According to Newsom, the homes could be put together in only 90 minutes for a fraction of the price of constructing permanent housing, due to some being only 120-square-feet in size. The small homes can free up space to assist in breaking down the homeless encampments that have appeared throughout the state’s major cities. Federal courts prohibit city officials to remove homeless camps if there are no adequate shelter beds.

350 units will be delivered to Sacramento. San Jose will receive $200 worth, San Diego will receive $150 worth, and Los Angeles will receive $500 worth of units. The dwellings will be built and installed by the state, but will be maintained by local governments. Choosing a location for them is a crucial part of that. According to the Governor’s Office, the dwellings will have electricity but no plumbing, water, or cooking equipment.

Resisters have claimed that Newsom is spending more money on items that will not be of sufficient assistance. Since taking office in 2019, Newsom has approved more over $22.3 billion in extra expenditures on housing and other homelessness services.

California State Senate Minority Leader Brian Jones, (R-Calif.) stated that spending more money is not the solution to the problem.

“This is just another Band-Aid on a crisis that is out of control in California… We know that throwing money at this problem doesn’t work,” Jones said.

According to a Public Policy Institute of California review of government data, California’s homeless population has climbed by 6% since 2020, compared to a 0.4% growth nationwide. California reportedly contains nearly a third of all homeless people in the United States.

On Thursday, Newsom responded to this criticism by stating that he is aware that development is not occurring quickly enough. He claimed that little dwellings are not the answer, but they can at least be helpful.

“It’s not just about sweeping things under the rug or kicking people off the streets and sidewalks and claiming a job well done,” Newsom said. “That doesn’t do justice.”

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