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About twenty-eight schoolgirls have been hospitalized with anxiety after allegedly playing with Ouija boards at their Colombian school, reports say.
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UPDATED 12:56 PM – Thursday, March 9, 2023

About 28 schoolgirls have been hospitalized with anxiety after allegedly playing with Ouija boards at their Colombian school.

The girls suffered signs of fainting, anxiety attacks, and hyperventilation at the Galeras Educational Institution in the city of Pasto, Colombia.

They were sent to a municipal hospital nearby after attempting to entertain themselves with the “classic” séance boards.

“There were 28 possible cases of anxiety in school students,” said Hugo Torres, the head of the Galeras Educational Institution.  

Torres pleaded the community to refrain from spreading anymore gossip and rumors regarding the incident, due to increased hysteria and concern from the school’s pupils and their parents.

“Given the reported cases, a series of comments were unleashed on the community that, rather than helping to resolve the situation, led to confusion and an adverse environment for our work,” he noted.

Strangely enough, back in November 2022, 11 teenagers were also found collapsed after using one of these boards at a different school in Columbia.

However, it was later confirmed that at least five of them who collapsed in 2022 had suffered from food poisoning.

Many parents are now demanding to know how the girls even got access to the controversial Ouija boards in the first place during their schooling hours.

Their current health conditions have not yet been made public but school administrators are hopeful for a quick recovery.  

It is unclear whether or not the school plans on updating the public on these students’ conditions and no police investigations have been confirmed to be underway regarding this latest incident.

Ouija boards were created in the United States in 1886 and are often referred to as spirit-conjuring or occult talking boards that are believed to allegedly be a way for the living to communicate with the deceased or inter-dimensional entities.

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