Packed Stadium Proudly Sings the National Anthem

Caitlin Sinclair, OAN Political Correspondent, New York
UPDATED 1:56 PM PT – Monday, September 12, 2022

We do not normally report on or write about sports here at One America News, but our team felt the need to highlight something very special that took place during this weekend’s Jets versus Ravens game.  In case you missed it, it was an opening worth watching… and hearing.

Jets And Ravens Fans Set Aside Their Football Rivalry And Stood In Unison To Sing The National Anthem. NYPD Officer Brianna Fernandez Led The Singing Of “The Star-Spangled Banner” In East Rutherford, New Jersey – Only About 13 Miles West Of Ground Zero. Fernandez Started The Song And The Rest Of The Fans Took Over After The Mic Went Out.

Beautiful. Powerful. And Electric. 

This Folks, Is What Loving Your Country Looks Like. Something That We Don’t Get To Hear Lately. Something That Is No Longer Being Taught To Our Youth In Schools. But, Don’t Let The Current Narrative Fool You… There Are Many Americans Out There Who Still Love This Country… Who Are Still Proud ..To ..Be …an American 

Jets Football Coach, Robert Saleh, Acknowledging This Weekends Game Had An Amplified Meaning For Us All. He Said “Today Means A Lot More Than Just A Football Game To A Lot Of People In The Stands.”

Saleh’s Oldest Brother, David, Narrowly Escaped The South Tower When Hijackers Crashed Two Planes Into The World Trade Center On Sept. 11, 2001.

The Crowd Ended The Anthem With Thunderous Applause As Fernandez Joined Back In To Finish With The Crowd.


So While Democrats Try To Teach You To Hate This Country, Remember There Are Still Patriots Out There Routing For A Country So Many Fought Hard For. But, Believe The Democrats When They Tell Us To Our Faces They Hate This Country, Don’t Stand For Our Freedoms And Do Little To Preserve The Nation’s Prosperity . Believe Them When They Burn Our Flag And Kneel For Our Anthem. 

This Is What America Is All About.

This Is What President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, The Woke Left Hollywood Elites, This Is What They Can’t Understand. This Is A Nation Full Of Opportunity. Spirit, And Pride. And, We Americans,  We Cannot Let Them Take That Away.

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