Rep Mullins: Red wave real, and it’s coming

UPDATED 4:20 PM PT – Sunday, July 17, 2022

Trump-endorsed candidate for Sen. of Oklahoma Markwayne Mullin warned Democrats to watch out because the red wave is coming. During an interview Saturday, Rep. Mullins said Americans are motivated to vote for Republicans amid Joe Biden’s massive failures in foreign and domestic policies.

He targeted Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, his fiscal policies that led to record high inflation and gas prices as policies continue to negatively affect everyday Americans. Mullin stressed that America First warriors need to take a page out of President Trump’s playbook if they want to be an effective leader who will fight the Washington establishment.

“He was fighting for this country each and every day,” said Mullin. “There is not another president out there that’s took as much punishment. Even Board Magazine came out and said he’s the only president in modern history that cost him to be the president. They said his net worth dropped $680 million. That means he’s not doing it for fame and fortune. He’s doing it for the love of this country and that’s why we’re in this fight too.”

The former undefeated MMA fighter went on to lambast Biden’s energy policies and said his war on American energy is going to further sink the economy. He derided Biden for stopping the oil flow from several US pipelines and rigs, adding Trump had to reverse the same actions from the Obama administration to bring down gas prices. Mullin believes if America was energy independent then energy costs would decrease rapidly, which would spillover into other products.

“Biden comes in January 20 and immediately cuts that flow rate again,” he stated. “You immediately saw increase on pricing because people are competing to get the product to the refinery and away from the refinery’s because their is not enough compacity now in the pipeline. It’s a simple move like that that’s allowing the pipelines to increase capacity to what they were originally permitted for and inspected for, which would bring down the cost probably in the neighborhood of 15 percent or 20 percent.”

Additionally, Mullin stressed it is imperative that Americans come out to vote this November for the America First agenda and the candidates who wave the MAGA flag follow through on their campaign promises. He asserted that the GOP needs to flip seats beyond what is needed to get a majority in the upper chamber.

Mullin lamented that there are several Republicans, including Mitt Romney (R-Utah), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) whose party loyalty is dubious. He added that a strong majority is needed to provide an adequate check on the Biden administration and his cabinet officials so they don’t conspire to subvert the will of the people.

“We got to put a lot of pressure on these agencies,” he voiced. “These agency heads that are accountable to the Senate. We confirm them to go set in that place and that’s got to put a lot of pressure on them when they try to go outside the will of Congress and go at it on their own.”

Meanwhile, Mullin is expected to face off against T.W. Shannon (R-Okla.) in the GOP primary runoff election August 23.

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