GOP demands release of Biden’s recommendation letter for son of Chinese oligarch to study in U.S.

Joe Biden, left, and his son Hunter Biden, right, in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Joe Biden, left, and his son Hunter Biden, right, in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

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UPDATED 12:36  PM PT – Thursday, April 7, 2022

More information is coming to light about the latest Biden family scandal. The President allegedly wrote a Brown University recommendation letter for the son of a Chinese oligarch, namely BHR executive Jonathan Li, back in 2017. This was revealed in Hunter Biden’s emails, which were obtained by Fox News on Wednesday.

Republican lawmakers are demanding the White House release this recommendation letter. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said Joe Biden’s letter serves as “irrefutable proof” that he knew about Hunter’s business dealings with China and these emails are evidence that Joe used his political influence to profit from the communist country.

At the time, Hunter Biden was a partner at BHR, which emails show reserved 10 percent of its profits for the “big guy.” Joe has repeatedly denied ever talking about business dealing with Hunter, though his press secretary appeared to fumble when questioned on the matter.

During a press briefing Wednesday, Jen Psaki was asked if it’s common practice for Joe to do favors for Hunter’s business partners. The White House official repeatedly noted that Joe was a “private citizen’” when and if he wrote that letter. She also disputed the evidence suggesting Joe knew of his family’s foreign business interests. .”

Hunter is currently under federal investigation over his taxes and international business dealings. According to Fox News, the President’s son has been under federal investigation since 2018 with sources saying there is a high probability he committed a crime.

In the meantime, all 19 Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee signed a letter asking 51 former Intelligence officials why they played a role in the narrative that stories about Hunter’s laptop were Russian propaganda. This came after 51 Intelligence officials in 2020 released a statement connecting Biden’s laptop with Russia.

However, Republicans pointed out that the New York Times and the Washington Post have both recently independently confirmed the contents of the laptop were authentic. They said the most likely explanation for their denial is they were part of a coordinated effort to mislead Americans ahead of the 2020 elections in order to help get Joe Biden elected over Donald Trump.

Republicans are asking for all signers to respond by April 20 with information leading up to the release of that letter.

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