Russian military convoy traveling toward Kyiv, satellite images show

Satellite images released Sunday show a large convoy of Russian ground forces in Ivankiv, Ukraine, according to Maxar Technologies.

According to a release from Maxar, the convoy extends for more than 3.25 miles and is moving in the direction of Kyiv, which is about 40 miles from the photographed location. There are hundreds of military vehicles in the convoy, including tanks and self-propelled artillery.

Kyiv’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, told The Associated Press Sunday that Russian troops have circled the capital city, making it difficult to evacuate civilians. The mayor confirmed to the AP that nine civilians in Kyiv had been killed so far, including one child.

A senior U.S. defense official said Sunday there is no indication the Russian military has taken control of any cities, and that Ukrainians are putting up a “heroic and inspiring” fight to keep hold of their country.

“They [Russians] continue to face a stiff resistance,” said the official, adding, “we continue to observe that they have experienced fuel and logistics shortages.”

Maxar reports the convoy photographed in Ivankiv was also carrying fuel and logistics systems.

Maxar also released new images Sunday that reveal damage at the Antonov airport in Hostomel, Ukraine, which is about 4 miles from Kyiv.

Black smoke was still billowing into the sky when the images were captured. The damage was caused by recent airstrikes and heavy fighting in and near the airport, according to Maxar.

Video posted to Twitter Thursday showed airstrikes at the airport, which has a runway long enough to receive all types of aircraft.

Kyiv Independent later reported that the Ukrainians defeated a Russian force at the airport.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered nuclear forces put on high alert Sunday, which means the nuclear weapons are in an increased state of readiness for launch.

“We’re in day four,” a senior U.S. defense official said of the invasion, “which is early, but they have not achieved what we believe they intended to achieve by day four.”

The official added the U.S. would not disclose its current nuclear alert level, but said the military is prepared at all times to defend its homeland and allies.

Putin sent troops into Ukraine Thursday after amassing more than 150,000 troops along the country’s northern, eastern and southern borders.

The United Nations Security Council called an emergency special session of the General Assembly on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which will be held Monday. Reuters reported that Russia voted against the special session, while China, India and the United Arab Emirates abstained.

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