Fmr. Secy. of State Pompeo speaks at Simi Valley’s Reagan Library

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Washington, DC. (Photo by Joshua Roberts/Getty Images)

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Washington, DC. (Photo by Joshua Roberts/Getty Images)

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UPDATED 3:08 PM PT – Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Mike Pompeo spoke to a crowd in California about his picture of the future of the Republican Party. The former secretary of state delivered remarks at Simi Valley’s Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Ventura, California and mapped out what steps the Republican Party should take next.

Pompeo focused on what he knew best, which was the international chess pieces moved by other nations that potentially threatened American’s safety and security if not stopped.

“Unfortunately, what we’ve accomplished, has been cast aside by the deep state in Washington in just six short months,” he expressed. “In their backdoor negotiations with Iran, in their elimination of the sanctions to inhibit Russia from supplying natural gas to Germany, they put our world at risk. It’s weakness and weakness begets war.”

Pompeo also addressed the division in the country today by highlighting what he believed was the path Republicans must take moving forward, which was to walk by faith.

“To reclaim America, which I believe only our party can do, there is literally no important resources than our churches, our synagogues, our mosques and temples that creates all of this United States of America,” he stated. “There is no more important need, none, than to hear their voices when they state we must return to our moral core, lest all be lost.”

Pompeo warned if America did not restore its character, leadership or exceptionalism, trouble would lie ahead. He discussed the threat of Chinese influence and denounced the teaching of Marxist ideology in American schools.

“Today, China has infiltrated Hollywood and academia, our technology companies and the conglomerates that control America’s media publishing. Our strength, freedom has been turned against us,” he asserted. “Communist influence must be eliminated in our country, root and branch.”

Pompeo also criticized the left, Big Tech and the mainstream media by saying they have sold themselves out and disregarded the truth.

“If our press were indeed fair minded, it would expose this to see, but they’re owned and they’re bought and they are silent,” he explained. “When dominant social media platforms can suspend and then ban a president of the united states, there is too much power in too few hands.”

Pompeo went on to explain how the GOP could meet this challenge and change the press by informing American citizens of the threats deliberately designed to be subtle or unseen. He also took aim at the web of laws and regulations that gave corporations almost unlimited in what he explained as unearned power and wealth.

He championed for the Republican Party to take back both the majority in Congress the White House. The former Trump official said these were the things that needed to be done to restore freedom inside of the country.

Pompeo closed with a poem called The Ruin, which was a piece written over one thousand years ago that outlined the remnants of Roman Britain.

“This masonry is wondrous. Fates broke it,” he quoted. “Courtyard pavements were smashed. The work of giants is decaying.”

He insisted this could never be the future of America and with hands on hearts, Americans must light the way for the entire world.

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