5 Tricks to Organize Your Home Like a Boutique Hotel

What makes a hotel stay feel luxurious is often the simplest of things: fluffy towels, clean sheets, and mini toiletries—there whenever you need them. Do you want to recreate that same sense of indulgence in your own space? Use these organizational ideas to give your home the five-star treatment.

Restock and Refresh Your Bath Towels

You probably need more fluffy, white bath towels. To achieve hotel-level luxury, invest in three-to-four towels per person. Hotels typically stock white towels because they can be bleached, and because they will always look clean and never mildew. Plus, they can all be washed together in one load of laundry.

The surefire way to make a weeknight shower feel more spa-like? Buy a warmer that will make your towel toasty in less than 20 minutes.

Create a Hotel-Worthy Bed

Consider investing in a couple more sets of sheets. Think about it this way: If you currently rotate between the set on your bed and the set in the wash, you either have to do laundry often or go awhile between washes. The solution: Buy more spare sheets so you can have clean bedding without doing so much laundry.

Take another tip from boutique hotels and keep a cozy spare blanket on hand, either draping it across the end of your bed or tucking it into a basket nearby.

Clean Out the Linen Closet

If you have space in your bathroom, embrace the hotel vibe by leaving a big pile of fluffy towels on display. If not, it’s time for a linen closet clean-out. Donate or recycle old towels and sheets you no longer use. Then, label shelves for bath towels and others for bed sheets in specific sizes.

For a truly five-star feel, keep a bottle of scented fabric spray in your linen closet so you can lightly spritz sheets before making the bed.

Clear Your Nightstand

So what’s the easiest way to make your bedroom feel hotel-worthy in the next 15 minutes? Declutter your nightstand. Remove any bedside reading you aren’t working on right now, and leave space for a glass of water and a soft lamp.

If you can’t resist keeping your phone near the bed, invest in a sleek, wireless charger so at least you won’t have to hunt for lost cords every night.

Declutter the Bathroom Counter

In a hotel bathroom, you’ll often find a small, curated selection of toiletries set on a tray. Try the same trick at home. Arrange a storage tray using only the skin care and hair care products you use every single day. The rest can be stashed in drawers, cabinets, or storage bins.

If you forget to pack a toothbrush, most hotels have extras they can drop off at your room. For the same effect at home, stock one drawer in your bathroom with spare toothbrushes, a new tube of toothpaste, soaps, and other essentials. You’ll always have what you need, without having to call the concierge.

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