Epoch Times Rated Most Neutral Compared to NYT, AP, BBC, Bloomberg

In recent years, The Epoch Times has seen rapid growth, as demand for our independent reporting has grown. We want to thank you, our readers, for making this possible!

As an acknowledgment of our efforts to report the news honestly and without spin,  we were heartened when we were recently made aware of a Blind Bias Survey conducted by AllSides in August 2020.

The survey conducted by this well-respected organization that monitors media bias found that those surveyed—2,000 respondents across the political spectrum—rated The Epoch Times’ content as most center among the outlets examined.

AllSides gave the respondents a selection of front-page headlines and article text without revealing which media organization they came from.

The Epoch Times was rated as being more in the center (according to 64.26 percent of respondents) than The Associated Press (53.08 percent), the BBC (33.29 percent), Bloomberg (14.69 percent), and The New York Times (16.20 percent).

For a full overview of the AllSides study and graphs, click here.

We see this survey as showing recognition of our journalistic integrity and efforts to report the news objectively in as complete and accurate a manner as possible.

While some media organizations appear to have decided to cover the news according to an agenda, rather than accurately reporting the news, The Epoch Times aims to restore traditional journalism.

Once again, we want to use this opportunity to thank you, our loyal readers, for your continued support. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

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