Pick Your Way to Simplify Today

Living a life of simplicity can be a beautiful thing, yet the process of simplifying can seem overwhelming at first.

So I recommend simplicity in your simplifying.

Instead of trying to simplify your whole life at once—tossing out all your clutter and paring your schedule to just meditation and writing your novel—how about just starting with one thing?

Simplifying one thing is doable. You don’t have to tackle everything today—you’ve got ages to do all of that.

Try picking one of the ideas below and implement it today. If it works well, continue it tomorrow. Or try one of the other ideas. And try not to think of it as a chore but rather an enjoyable new adventure.

Single-Task It

The next thing you choose to do, do only that. Close everything else, put your phone away, close all other tabs on your computer, and just focus on that one task. If you’re reading this article, stay with it and do nothing else until you’re done reading. When you decide to check social media, check one at a time and do it fully and with mindfulness. When you go for a walk, have nothing to listen to or look at, other than the nature all around you.

One thing at a time: wash one dish, just write, just eat. This is such a simple idea, and it’s doable right now.

Use In-Between Spaces as Mini-Meditations

When you’re done with one thing, instead of rushing to the next thing, take a moment and pause. Enjoy this in-between space.

Notice how you’re feeling, what’s around you, what you just did, what your intention is for what you’re about to do. When you’re going somewhere else, whether it’s just another part of the office or another part of your city, just enjoy this time fully, as if it’s just as important as anything else you do. Don’t rush past it.

Let Go of One Commitment

Our lives are so full because we say yes to so much, and our commitments pile up over time. You can greatly simplify your life by letting go of one commitment. What isn’t fulfilling you? What can you get out of today by telling them you just don’t have space for it? Practice saying no with confidence and love.

Be Present With Someone

Pick someone today to be with fully. Put away your phone, let go of anything else you’re thinking about, and just be with them. Listen to them. Try to fully see them. Open your heart to them. Send them your love. If you do this with one person each day, which is such a simple thing to do, your life will become better through better relationships and deeper social connection.

Clear One Space

Find one little area in your workspace or home and declutter it. Just the amount of space that you can hug. For example, just a little space on your desk or kitchen counter. Let this be the blissful oasis of peace and simplicity that will ripple outward to the rest of your life.

These are five little things you can do no matter what you have going on today. Don’t do all five things, but just pick one.

And enjoy the simplicity that comes with the doing.

Leo Babauta is the author of six books and the writer of Zen Habits, a blog with over 2 million subscribers. Visit ZenHabits.net

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Leo Babauta
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