Natalia’s Dance

I read this wonderful article [“Natalia Dance” by Wayne A. Barnes, published April 7] with such a mix of emotions in my heart. My oldest child, Laura, was born with spina bifida. I normally can’t bear to see commercials with disabled children or read articles about them because I lost my daughter when she was only 15 back in 2009. She had a particularly severe case of it and went through many surgeries, the last of which ultimately took her life due to sepsis. Despite the grief, I still have joy in my heart because I know I will be with her forever in heaven, but it doesn’t take away all the pain of all that she went through and her passing. Yet this sweet article showed up in my mailbox and greatly blessed my heart. Every girl like this who has the same condition as my daughter is already incredibly dear to me. The story of Natalia waiting on a table where a man who had a daughter with the same condition and Natalia ultimately meeting her—it blew my mind. She articulated her thoughts and feelings from a perspective I was never able to get from my daughter. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am that The Epoch Times ran this article. God bless.


Scott W Collins


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