Fla. children die after using scuba tank in pool

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UPDATED 12:40 PM PT – Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Two young children died after apparently drowning in a pool in southeastern Florida. On Tuesday, reports said the children had been briefly left unattended at the Jensen Beach Pool about 115 miles north of Miami.

The siblings aged seven and nine years old were given permission to use the pool along with a scuba tank. According to those reports, the tank used a mixture of gasses and it is likely the children were not using the proper mixture to breathe underwater.

“If you’re breathing 100% nitrogen or 100% helium, you’re going to pass out,” dive expert Jim Abernathy said. “It’ll happen very quickly, you won’t even know. If you pass out on land, you’ll wake up and you’ll be fine because you’re still breathing air. Underwater, you’ll drown.”

The parents described the children as experienced swimmers and divers. Authorities said the cause of death will be determined following an autopsy.

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