New Film ‘Violino’: Vibrations of the Soul

Our souls were captivated when we heard the magical sounds of a 300-year-old Stradivarius violin.

Where did this ethereal sound come from? Why do we rarely get to experience anything like it nowadays?

In searching for the answer, our team of filmmakers started one of the most magical yet enduring journeys that has changed our life forever.

The short film ‘Violino’ is comprised of stories revealing how masterpieces are created when cosmic timing, nature, and man are all in harmony.

In 2018, we began our quest, from Cremona, the city of music, to the sounding forest “Bosco che Suona” in the Italian Alps. It is this forest that Stradivari, one of the greatest luthiers, came to carefully select trees for his instruments over 300 years ago.

There have been many miracles that have helped us to complete the film, especially the appearance of the legendary Stradivari violin “Il Cremonese 1715” for our recording in Cremona.

As this great journey has inspired us to continue walking this path until today, we hope that this gift will give you some inspiration too.

And when you can feel the vibrations in your soul, the piece of art is complete.

It’s a delight to finally be able to share the short film ‘Violino’ with you. The video above is our trailer. The full film is now available for free on InspiredOriginal.Org

Watch Violino here

About Inspired Original:

We are a team of passionate filmmakers who cherish universal values inherent in traditional art.

We create contents aiming to build a strong community to support traditional arts, culture, and education, thus reinvigorating and instilling hope and faith for generations to come.

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